Julia Jackson Wants To Fill Your Glass

Julia JacksonWho doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine? After a long day or a long week, we all deserve a little unwinding. Let’s admit, there’s something about a nice glass of wine that seems to help our troubles fade away for a moment. While there may be several options available for you to get your sip on, there are a few that take the cake or the cork in this case.Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines has always had an interest in wine. Born and raised in San Fransisco, California, Jackson has been a long time hands-on member of the family business. Her experience with wine began when she was just a young girl, and learned to pick and sort grapes that would be used to produce the family’s famous wineJulia Jackson

After school and during the summer, she dedicated herself to working several of the family wineries. It was during that time she met one of her closest friends. Being truly interested in her friend’s culture and diversity as a whole, Jackson spent a summer in France. Inspired by their culture and the unique differences offered through diversity, she went on to become a sixth-grade French teacher.Today, Julia Jackson proudly works with the international sales team at Jackson Family Wines to help deliver some of the best tasting wines right from her family winery to your glass.

Doe Deere/ Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deer is the founder as well as the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deer has stated that cosmetics are essentially an form of expressing oneself as well as an expression of ones independence and freedom. Beauty is not necessarily about being “natural”. However, it has more do do with expressing how one feels at a particular moment in time.


Lime Crime offers a variety of lipsticks as well as shadows that will revel a true freedom of expression and individuality. If you dare to be different than Lime Crime cosmetics are certainly for you.


Lime Crime Cosmetics first hit the market in the spring of 2008. Lime Crime Cosmetics are cruelty free and they are available in a variety of colors as well as scent. Doe Deer has developed cosmetics with very bright colors that are not so ordinary. Lime Crime Cosmetics uses colors that certainly make a powerful fashion statement.


Doe Deer’s idea to create her own cosmetics all came about after she registered for a new E-bay account. It took four years for Deer to create and launch her very different line of cosmetics. Deer cam up with many of her cosmetic ideas through research and receiving input from friends and co-workers.


Lime Crime currently offers a special bundle pack of lip color. The Slither Bundle Lipstick pack feature very dark shades of lip color with a matte finish. You can elect to wear one color at a time or you can mix and match ,ore than one color for a truly unique look. The Slither Bundle pack can be easily purchased for under $45.00.


The Venus Bundle eye shadow set comes with sixteen shades of bright and unique colors. You can also mix and match different shadow colors if desired. Remember all cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free. Therefore, no product that Lime Crime creates is ever tested on animals. The Venus Bundle eye shadow pack can be purchased on line for under $55.00.


Lime Crime has its original “Pumpkin” lipstick is available in an attractive container. This lipstick dries quickly to produce a sheen and shine like no other. In addition, This lipstick is smudge proof and will stay on most of the day after application. This item is now available for $20.00.


The M$LF Velvetine lipstick set offers four unique lipstick colors. This lipstick set is designed for the mature women on the go. Colors included in lipstick set are Rose, Taupe, Sugar Plum and Terracotta. You will certainly draw attention from the crowd while wearing one or more of the lipsticks from the Velvetine collection. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial


Please visit www.limecrime.com for additional product and ordering information. Special discounts and coupons may be available through the Lime Crime web site.