Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an international investment firm. Its services are highly diversified across the globe. It offers services of various departments such as credit department, liquid markets, traditional resource management, and private equity. It manages investment assets for more than 1500 individual and institutional investors all over the world. Fortress Investment Group has a team of managers who hold different critical positions in the company. Its management team comprises of highly experienced experts such as Adam Levinson who serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Wes Edens who co-founded the company, Peter Briger who works as the company’s principal and joint-chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress.There is the resourceful Randal Nardone who is a co-founder, principal and also serves as the Director of the company.Fortress Investment Group contains company competencies that enable it to run its services and projects accordingly.The following are the competencies that Fortress uses to guide its functions.

  1. Management of operations

The company has set some sophisticated devices to help it face and solve structural, strategic and operational challenges. The tools are beneficial in allowing the firm to extract value and engage in complex projects of investment.

  1. Capital Market Knowledge

Fortress Investment Group has received a diversified market knowledge and expertise. It utilizes these skills in providing funding that attracts low-risks and costs. It achieves this through the accessibility of equity capital markets and debts.

  1. Corporate acquisitions and mergers

Working with corporate boards of directors, stakeholders and management primarily in decision making require a high level of expertise and experience. Fortress has attained essential standards of organizational understanding. It uses this knowledge to build well-structured methods of investment execution and optimal structuring.

  1. Asset-based investments

Fortress Investment Group focuses exclusively on the resource-based investing projects. For a long time now, Fortress has exercised significant, broad and diverse investing in various types of assets all over the world. Through this practice, the firm has been able to gain massive experience in the asset-based investment programs.

  1. Industry know-how

Fortress capitalizes in engaging its investing duty in the market industries that it understands. It has extensive knowledge in almost every sector that it invests in. This industry knowledge allows fortress less and inherent funding challenges. It can keep its projects timelines without failing. Fortress specializes in investment performance. Since its launching, the company has always taken a keen note on performance. It has always been able to deliver services based on quality performance.

The Medical Achievements of Humanitarian Dr. Saad Saad

Since graduating from Cairo University School of Medicine and completing his residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, Dr. Saad Saad, MD has established his own practice in Eatontown, NJ. He is affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and Riverview Medical Center, and has partnered with the Palestine Children’s Relief Foundation (PCRF). More than twenty years of experience with pediatric and general surgery have made Dr. Saad a sought-after doctor across the globe and he has been recognized for his ability to perform complex procedures.

The PCRF approached Dr. Saad in 2002 with a patient, a teenage boy whose gunshot wound complications had left him unable to eat. Unable to aid the boy’s condition with the resources allotted to them, the PCRF sent the patient to the United States, where Dr. Saad repaired his stomach and intestines.

Dr. Saad continued to partner with the PCRF and lend his expertise to other patients over the next decade. One such patient was a young girl, born with her intestines partially exposed and open to infection. When West Bank conditions proved difficult for the girl to overcome, she too was flown to Dr. Saad, who was able to close her abdomen entirely.

The third patient was a soccer player, partially paralyzed by an explosion and unable to walk. Though Dr. Saad did not have neurological expertise, he proved to be a great help to the boy by finding him a surgeon to perform a nerve transplant and facilitating his medical care so less than a year later, the athlete could walk back to his life.

While only three patients were flown to his practice in the US, Dr. Saad made eight trips out to Palestine himself to treat injured children locally between 2008 and 2015. His primary goal was to bring his help and expertise to underprivileged families who otherwise could not afford quality treatment. By flying out to Asia, Dr. Saad had access to several more patients and he kept the government and struggling citizens from having to pay the expenses necessary to transport patients to the US. Learn more:

Another major reason Dr. Saad traveled to Palestine was to teach the local medical staff how to do some of his procedures. During his first trip in May 2008, the Palestine doctors mainly observed his work, but by 2015, the roles had reversed, and the local surgeons could successfully perform the life-saving procedures.

Dr. Saad has received the Humanitarian Award from the PCRF in 2010 and the Gold Medal of Palestine directly from the president, Mahmoud Abbas, as a personal thank-you for all of his effort in both teaching the medical locals and saving the children.

CEO Barbara Stokes: Providing Homes For Victims Of Natural Disasters

Barbara Stokes became CEO of Green Structured Homes Delivered in 2011. The company is known for providing quality housing for disaster victims. The Mercer University grad and mother of three brought many years of proven leadership experience to the company. By the next year, Green Structured Homes had a contract with FEMA to deliver prefab houses to people who lost their homes to hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. The company’s designs, produces and constructs safe, durable state-of-the-art houses and Stokes’ experience handling government contracts made the process of getting the contract smooth and seamless.

Using the latest in computer-aided design software, the company meets the highest engineering standards for accuracy and quality manufacturing in their production facility. As a result, Green Structured Homes Delivered creates mobile and modular house that are of the highest quality. Barbara Stokes has years of experience working with Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, and research and development firm Pisces Corporation, this gave her expertise in guiding staff to focus on details to ensure they create only the highest quality products as a result.

The experience Barbara Stokes has in organization, manufacturing and management has made her a valuable asset to Green Structured Homes Delivered. She has been able to provide essential leadership for the company and others involved in the disaster relief construction industry. Her understanding of the process involved in coordinating critical tasks in pressure situations make her indispensable for helping the company take decisive effective action in the face of the devastation and chaos during natural disasters.

Barbara Stokes has a biomedical engineering and physics degree. That training has taught her to focus on details and has helped the Huntsville, Alabama based company to succeed. She also spends a great deal of time volunteering in her community. Green Structured Homes Delivered was the company FEMA called in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston, Texas area and left tens of thousands homeless. The displaced residents and FEMA were so impressed with the work of Barbara Stokes and the staff of Green Structured Homes Delivered that the company was given a new FEMA contract.

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Dick Devos Appointed to Federal Aviation Administration Oversight Board

Philanthropist Dick DeVos was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) civilian oversight panel on September 28, 2017. The 13-member Management Advisory Council advises FAA executives on long-range planning, spending, and policies. The position is a three-year voluntary commitment in addition to Dick’s private sector positions. DeVos led the $45M revitalization of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he’ll be an “asset to the FAA Management Advisory Council.”


Gerald R. Ford International Airport


DeVos brought AirTran Airways into the Grand Rapids’ airport which led to nonstop flights to and from the West Michigan airport. A few months later, Southwest Airlines began service to and from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. DeVos contributed $1 million to the airport’s expansion, and the airlines lowered air fares and increased the number of passengers traveling through Grand Rapids.


America’s Top Givers


Dick and Betsy DeVos contributed $138.7 million to the DeVos Children’s Hospital, the DeVos Place Convention Center, DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Communication Center at Calvin College, and the DeVos Center for the Arts and Worship. Dick and Betsy DeVos were 24th on the Forbes Magazine America’s Top Givers list in 2015. They contributed $1.33 billion in their lifetime. Dick and Betsy DeVos devoted their lives to changing institutions and policies.


Great Lakes Education Project


President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos Secretary of the United States Department of Education. Betsy DeVos advocates for parent and student choices in public school education. She achieved vouchers for children from poor families to enroll in private schools in 24 states and the District of Columbia, but not in her home state, Michigan.


West Michigan Aviation Academy


In 2010, Dick DeVos opened the nonprofit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, with his wife Betsy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Beginning with just 80 students, the aviation school evolved into a fully accredited science technology engineering and mathematics public secondary school. Learn more:

Cancer Centers of America partners with Allscripts and Nanthealth to provide customized cancer treatment plans

Cancer centers of America focus on making sure that cancer patient gets the most appropriate treatment that makes their life better. For many individuals, cancer treatment is slow and may take many months or years to complete. It takes a toll on them and their families both emotionally and financially.

Cancer centers of America understand the predicaments of cancer patients, and it is for this reason that they have dedicated lot resources in research to ensure that individuals get everything that they need during the treatment process.
Most of the recently developed treatment plans, including the new regimes developed by cancer treatment centers of America, include a combination of different treatments, drugs and lifestyle changes that help to make the lives of cancer patients better.

In a bid to ensure that they provide appropriate services to their customers, cancer treatment centers of America signed a deal with Allscripts and Nanthealth to establish Clinical Pathways, a platform that provides a comprehensive and tailored Oncology Treatment. The main aim of creating cancer centers of America was to ensure that cancer patients would get the best out of the treatment process.

While most of the other cancer treatment options involve radiation and therapy or use of very intrusive drugs, cancer centers of America are working day and night to develop treatment plans that more effective and less invasive to the cancer patients.

Since they joined hands with Allscripts and Nanthealth, cancer centers of America have been able to develop plans that function seamlessly and are effective in the treatment of different types of cancer. The patients can get the most out of the treatment since the treatments are done in the right way from the stage of diagnosis all the way to management and treatment of the disease. The new treatment offered by cancer centers of America also ensures that the patients feel comfortable with the whole treatment process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Provides Holistic and Integrated Cancer Care

Unlike other cancer treatment places, Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides entirely holistic and integrated cancer care to every one of their different patients. Now this mammoth cancer treatment organization has again come up with another novel cancer tool. Paired with healthcare giants, Nanthealth and Allscripts, CTCA announced a beneficial cancer treatment platform tool that will allow cancer specialists a better way to determine the exact treatment course for their patients. This new and exciting technology is bettering cancer treatment by allowing accurate diagnosis and intentionally precise treatment regimens. This will free up clinician’s time researching massive amounts of cancer treatment data.

This is good news for patients being treated by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They already know how dedicated their treatment team is. This organization always strives to stay on the cutting-edge side of current cancer treatment options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long provided whole self, or holistic, based medical cancer treatments. They offer integrated care designed to allow multiple specialists to operate in tandem. This increases chances for success, and simplifies the process for their tired patients. If possible, Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides multiple services under one roof. This decreases the patient’s having to go to different locations during cancer therapies.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America seeks to lesson or stop treatment delays or other interruption causes that keep a patient from achieving their best. This organization relies on evidence informed therapy models. While this cancer treatment organization is known to try lesser known treatments, they are resolved to finding proven therapies for their specific patient cases. During cancer treatments, patients are supported in many ways. These specialists seek to improve stamina, decrease nausea and pain, while increasing energy and good nutrition habits. This attention to every small detail is what makes Cancer Treatment Centers of America so different and successful.

James Dondero, CMA, CPA, Co-Founder & President, Highland Capital Management, Dallas

Mr. James Dondero, also known as Jim, is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P since April 25, 2016. Highland Capital Management (HCM) is a SEC-registered investment adviser holding approximately $14.9 billion assets with the following affiliates: NexPoint Residential Trust (REIT), Acis Capital Management (CLOs), NexPoint Advisors (closed-end fund, NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund), and NexPoint Capital (healthcare BDC). Highland Capital Management is also the largest firm managing collateralized loan obligations in U.S. dollars.
Dondero also serves as the Board Chairman and CEO at HCM Acquisition Company. Jim has over 30 years’ experience in credit and equity markets. Under his leadership, HCM has offered several award-winning products and financial solutions to both institutional and retail investors.
Dondero’s career began in 1984 when he got admitted to the Morgan Guaranty training program. He enrolled at the McIntire School of Commerce to pursue finance and accounting at the University of Virginia. Upon his completion, Dondero was awarded highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi). Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).
Dondero worked at American Express in 1985 to 1989 as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later as a Portfolio Manager for approximately $1 billion fixed-income funds. Dondero then went on to serve as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC’s Protective Life subsidiary founded in 1989. During his 1989 to 1993 tenure, the subsidiary grew to more than $2 billion.
Dondero is the Chairman of NexBank Capital Inc., NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding Inc. and CSS Medical. He’s also a board member of Jernigan Capital, Inc., (NYSE: JCAP), and MGM Holdings, Inc. Dondero has also served as a board member of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business.
Dondero is also a dedicated philanthropist. He partners with the Dallas Foundation to enhance philanthropy programs in the Dallas community. He supports numerous initiatives and charitable activities in education, public affairs, and veterans. Examples include the Georg W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, Snowball Express, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, and Uplift Education among others.

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Things you should know about Villanueva MB2

Dr. Chris Villanueva is an active medical doctor, who has a dream of promoting the best of the best from corporate dentistry and sole-practitioner industries. He is the chief founder of MB2 Dental Company. Dr.Chris started the company with knowledge of providing vital services without compromising the integrity of his respected experts. Dr. Chris Villanueva saw that the dental doctors needed individual assistance, and thus he established MB2 Dental Company. The company has been supportive of doctors at not less than 70 linked locations across the six states, with 533 workers.Dr. Chris Villanueva played a vital role in adjusting the life of dental doctors through MB2 Dental Company. He brought a significant number of dentists together through his firm, which mainly emphasis on solving various problems that medical doctors encounter. He launched holidays for doctors and social media programs through which they discuss their issue. His idea has been captured by many people in the area of medicine since they can share their challenges and hardship with other specialists, and solve them efficiently.

Dr. Villanueva was able to analyze various issues critically, which medical doctors encounter, and consider it right to launch MB2 Dental company. His aim of establishing the firm was to make it be a dentist-owned company, which emphasis on personal growth, autonomy and having fun. According to DR. Chris, doctors should provide the best services to the patients considering the huge role they have to perform to restore the health of the patients. Therefore MB2 Dental assists doctors in making improvements that usually helps the patients who patronize in them. The idea of MB2 Dental came to his mind after graduating from dental school. By that time, the only options that were available were to either start a private dental clinic or join the large group practice in economies of scale, state of the art technology. And therefore he thought of creating a platform where you can get the best of both worlds, that is MB2 Dental Company.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has transformed the medical field and gets rids of traditional medicine, through his company, which has attracted a massive number of clients. The MB2 Dental uses the modern ways to perform their tasks, and therefore many practitioners have recognized the impact of advanced technology in the medical field. Dr. Chris believes in teamwork, and with the help of his firm, he has gathered many doctors together, whereby they can share their ideas and learn from each other.

NuoDB: The Option For SQL Database Management

NuoDB is a cloud database application that is designed to improve the overall efficiency of cloud-based applications and software. The company is based in Massachusetts and offers its services to a wide range of clients, coming to them from corporates and businesses all over the country. The company is known for the development of their own SQL cloud databased management tool that improves the overall functionality of the application that one is running. This technology is hugely sought after by professionals and businesses who mainly operate through specific software and applications.

NuoDB has a long list of services that it offers its clients. The people coming to them for help with their database management are first assessed by a NuoDB advisor who then provides solutions based on the needs of the clients and the capacity of the application that they want to run. Because of the brilliance of the services that they provide, NuoDB has been featured several times in numerous publications and is talked about as one of the pioneering companies behind the development of new SQL based systems. The company is currently being led by Bob Walmsley, who took over as the CEO of the tech company in 2015.

Did Prostate Screenings Just Get Easier?

The most common type of cancer among men is Prostate cancer. There are currently 2.9 million men in the United States living with Prostate cancer today. In an effort to raise awareness for the condition and the importance of routine screening, the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp are working together to help make screenings more accessible for all men.

For a limited time, qualifying 2,000 men ages 40 and older may receive a Prostate Specific Antigen screening by LabCorp, free of charge. The hard work doesn’t stop there, for those who are unable to snag a spot in the first 2,000, the screenings will be offered at a discounted price of $25 throughout the remainder of the sign-up period. Researchers estimate that one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Routine screenings and proper education are both essential to living a happy, healthy and worry-free life.

Since 1988, people from all over have trusted Cancer Treatment Centers of America with help treating and managing their condition. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five private hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients in the United States. Aside from traditional treatment options like chemotherapy and immunotherapy, they also offer more integrative approaches to treatment to help lessen or manage side effects.

By assessing each patient individually, the network develops a personalized treatment plan to help restore the quality of life, and give patients and families their smiles back. Each patient is assigned a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to helping patients maintain their confidence and energy both during and after treatment. By working together, the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped patients remain strong and healthy in the face of illness.