Jeff Yastine: A Talented Investor who can Foresee the Future

Jeff Yastine is an expert in the field of investing in the stock market. He also has experience in financial journalism, so it is no longer a surprise when he announced that he would be joining the Banyan Hill Publishing Company to become an editorial director. He joined the company in 2015, and he stated that his twenty years of experience in investing in the stock market would help him reach hundreds of thousands of readers, teaching them new knowledge on how to succeed in the world of investing. His specialization is writing about the current trend in the financial market to give the investors a hint and understanding of what business or companies would be a great way to invest in. He also assures the public that he will do his best to become an instrument for them to gain more profit through the guides and the tips that he will be sharing. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.


Before working with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, Jeff Yastine established himself as an investment expert when he hosted the PBS Nightly Business Report, an award-winning television show from 1994 to 2010. He interviewed a lot of influential business people on his show, including the likes of Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson. The knowledge that he gained from the business experts helped him understand how the market works. Through practice, he developed a strategy that would allow him to conquer the stock market, and he was able to do it effectively after doing a lot of research and experimentation. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

After he developed the skill to watch out for the condition of the local economy, Jeff Yastine released a report stating how he perceives the market to react. He helped a lot of investors during the 1990s tech bubble and the 2000s real estate crisis, and he has foreseen that the market would crash. He repeatedly warned the investors about the crash, and most of those who are watching his show opted to take all of their investments, and they were spared from the economic disaster. Jeff Yastine received several awards because of his performance being a television host, and because of his ability to see through the market and help the society about any changes that might happen.


Currently, he writes for the Total Wealth Insider, and he also considers writing for other newsletters published by the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Jeff Yastine assured his readers that more informational articles would be coming from him.


Paul Mampilly Keeps the Investment Tempo high with Profits Unlimited

He is the chief editor of Profits Unlimited. He is the owner and founder of several other publications including True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Mr. Mampilly gained experience from Wall Street. He is a former hedge fund manager who accumulated the knowledge and is now using it to enrich investors in the USA. Paul joined Banyan Publishing in 2016. He launched his Profits Unlimited newsletter and was soon flying high with his maiden venture as a consultant. It is now reported that Profits Unlimited newsletter is now doing over 100 000 subscribers. He has carved a niche for himself as a leading stocks investments advisor. Visit to know more.

What Paul Mampilly has achieved


Paul has, so far, helped thousands of people gain entry into the lucrative stocks business; thanks to his insightful advice regarding the trends in the markets. Paul also has a loud and conspicuous presence on social media. He has a Facebook account that is doing almost 3000 followers. Mr. Mampilly is known for his astounding insights that leave the pundits and the laymen alike, baffled. He is often interviewed by mainstream media stations who try to get to the bottom of his investment advice secrets. It has been reported that Mr. Mampilly has helped his clients gain between 25% and 45% in stocks trade without necessarily involving in risky bets or guesswork. Paul has won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Award for Investment.



Paul Mampilly Background


He is originally from India. Paul Mampilly was born in a poor rural location in India. His parents died when he was still young. He was motivated by what was happening around him to succeed in life. He later moved to the US at the age of 18. He has an MBA from Montclair State University. He worked with several institutions including Bankers Trust in which he was the Portfolio Manager. He also worked for ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. His work at Kinetics is quite memorable because the account he managed later grew into a multi-billion one. He gained from his work as a hedge fund manager and as a Wallstreet hawk-eyed business analyst to start his, now, thriving ventures. Profits Unlimited is a monthly Subscription Newsletter in which Paul Mampilly advises his followers on the best stocks to invest in. He has been recently quoted in various media, advising his subscribers and fans that they should not venture into bitcoin. He says that the cryptocurrency is too volatile. He also says that it is a great idea to put one’s money in the natural energy sector. He predicts that natural energy sources are the next big thing on Wallstreet. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.