How Larkin & Lacey have led by Example in the Fight for Human and Civil Rights

The Global Coalition on Migration is an international organization that has been on the forefront for advocating for civil, migrant and political rights of all troubled people and groups across the world. The GCM as is popularly known is comprised of international and regional partners who labor to bring to an end the continuous abuse of human and civil rights in the world.

This group has been in the lead in advancing the course of international justice for families affected by wars as well as individuals undergoing persecution in distant lands. One tool to bring to an end the atrocities is empowering, training and strengthening the populations through advocacy.

The Global Coalition on Migration is partnering with civil society organizations from all over the world. The groups play a vital role in informing, advocating and spreading the message on the need for peace and stability; not only for displaced persons but also the host countries for migrant populations.

CGM’s Place in the International Scene

The organization serves in International, regional and the local levels, driven by the general need to have the contributions made to the causes of peace, tranquility and political stability. Mike and Jim work with civil society groups in the respective countries and the local governments. The joint efforts have led to the eradication of human rights abuses, both at the international and the national levels.

It remains the sole responsibility of civil society groups to encourage their local governments to adopt and implement policies that promote peace and human rights advocacy efforts. The areas of attention remain those on the laws to do with immigration, registration, policies on women and legal reforms to expand the accommodation of human rights.

The mobility options of the Global Coalition on Migration have therefore been broadened with the entry of international bodies and governments in the joint efforts to restore human dignity in war torn countries. What remains to be done is to expand the ambit of operations and address fundamental inequalities in many societies which have ended up fomenting animosity and spreading the abuse of human rights.

Larkin and Jim Lacey

The Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media were both founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, as a platform to raise money and awareness in the campaign for human and civil rights. The contribution was made following the incarceration of the two media personalities on 28th Oct.2007 in relation to their advocacy activities in Arizona.

They managed to raise a total sum of $3.75 million from these arrests while working as journalists, where they revealed the role played by Sherriff Joe in subverting justice in a particular court proceeding. They, therefore, went ahead and successfully sued the county under the first amendment, which won them a compensation to the tune of $3.5 million.

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