GoBuyside Advises on Recruitment in An Age of Ever Changing Skill Requirements

GoBuyside is a recruitment firm that works in tandem with financial and investment outfits such as private equity firms and hedge funds. In online resource Daily Forex Report, the firm has published an article detailing the difficulties that currently undercut recruitment efforts for investment management firms, while also providing solutions to minimize/eliminate said difficulties. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

An issue raised in the article was the constantly shifting skill requirements for proper execution of a position, attributable to the rate of technological change in the financial and investment industries. As technology has become more intricately tied to the smooth and efficient operation of financial and investment outfits, executives have become more resigned to the fact that significant disruptors are likely to emerge from the technology industry. In fact, market-wide it is expected that the financial and investment industries will undergo serious disruption technologically and materially during the next decade. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

To address the issue, the article suggests the recruitment of a well-rounded, skilled and flexible workforce, capable of utilizing traditional investment management techniques while being conversant of new methods and technologies and adaptable enough to use them to the firm’s advantage. In pursuit of this goal, the article points out the importance of working with a recruitment partner that has shown a track record of hiring specialized talent capable of displaying hybrid skills that incorporate both the traditional and innovative methods of investment management. The ideal recruitment partner will also possess the resources to aid in the training or retraining employees so as to create a workforce capable of navigating sudden and disruptive changes to the industry.

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, is known for its acquisition of adaptable and widely skilled talent for permanent positions, as well as for its ability to aid clients in finding short-term, part-time or temporary employees and consultants based on need. Serving over 400 clients in more than sixteen countries, GoBuyside has filled more than 2000 position in its near-decade existence, including for Fortune 500 companies, and is widely regarded as one of the premier recruitment firm for the financial sector.

Check: http://www.keyc.com/story/37499982/gobuyside-highlights-the-rising-importance-of-technology-in-talent-recruitment-and-selection