Brown Agency

The Brown Agency was born in October of 2015 when the company Heyman Talent-South was bought by Wilhelmina Austin. The company was relaunched as a new one. It’s name is The Brown Agency.

This company is not only a talent agency but also a Model agency tool. She combined the two entities to make for a stronger company which is located in Austin Texas.

By acquiring this company, Wilhelmina Austin, under the direction of Justin Brown is now able to provide all of their clients with a new type of portfolio. They will have a portfolio which shows their talent and their modeling abilities. By having more people with expertise which will grow the business and they will have commitment to be able to serve their talent and clients.

This company is able to do all of this on a bigger scale than in the past. They have become world famous in just a few short years. This company has dedicated themselves to finding the most beautiful models and bring them to television, commercials and magazines. They fulfill a myriad of accounts. Their pride lies in the fat that they select the most professional and talented people and develop them to become the best in their field. Justin Brown has much experience in the modeling end, being a model himself. He learned all that he could about the business, and now he says his models are not promised anything, he can only manage expectations. He does not make any promises, because as he says you may not be able to keep them. But he does have places that he can place promising talent.

Although Justin Brown owns a very profitable business, he came from modest means. He was born in Reno , Nevada. He did not grow up there. He grew up in Susanville, California. All through his younger years, he was a shy child. It was in Southern California, where he moved when he was eighteen , that he learned about the modeling business by becoming a model himself. This is where he learned all of the tricks associated with the modeling business.

In 2015 when he purchased The Wilhelmina Austin Company it allowed him to also bring aboard the CEO of that company who was well versed in the talent industry. This is how, by putting them together, they , after moving to Austin, Texas, became a leader in the entertainment and modeling business. You can visit their Instagram page.