Andrew Rolfe, the Unselfish Executive at the Helm of the Ubuntu Fund

Selflessness is a rare trait these days. The capitalistic nature of the modern human society has fashioned individuals and companies that are only concerned about their bottom-line. However, there are those few outliers that chose to help others even where they do not have to. Andrew Rolfe is one of those few. Together with other like-minded individuals, Mr. Rolfe works at the Ubuntu Education Fund. More specifically, he is the non-profit’s chairman.

Based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa the Ubuntu Education Fund employs a unique model to help needy children in the community. The fund recognizes that solely providing education only treats a symptom of the social ill preventing the child from learning. Treating the disease requires a more holistic approach that also targets the community as well as the liable institutions. Owing to this unique approach the Ubuntu fund has been able to effectively and consistently mold needy children into strong, confident and capable adults.

Supporting the model applied by the Ubuntu fund requires a significant amount of resources. These resources are raised at annual fund Galas held at a number of cities across the world. This setting is where Mr. Rolfe comes into his element. Quite the aggressive fundraiser he assisted the Fund in collecting upwards of £600,000 at the gala event recently held in London. Since becoming chairman, he has consistently come through for the Fund by organizing successful charity galas such as this recent one.

Outside the Ubuntu Fund, Mr. Rolfe is a successful business executive. He currently serves as the managing director at TowerBook Capital Partners. Before that, he had very successful stints at both Banana Republic and The Gap. Mr. Rolfe’s uncanny ability to effectively expand brands is the main reason for his success as a business executive. He now applies this ability at the Ubuntu Fund, helping it expand its avenues for helping needy members of the society as well as its revenue sources.

Under Andrew Rolfe’s leadership, the Ubuntu Fund and its beneficiaries can continue to expect big things.