The Sunny Plumber Business that Angie Loves

The Sunny Plumber business was founded in Tuscon, Arizona in 1939. Sunny Plumber in Tuscon a small company that employs about 50 people. In 1998, the company expanded to serve Phoenix, Arizona. In 2013, The Sunny Plumber came to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Southern, California. Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning is the principal investor in this plumbing business. Goodrich has had more than 20 years of service in air conditioning, heating, and plumbing. Like many plumbing companies boast, The Sunny Plumber business is available to their customers at a moment’s notice, the repairmen are very reliable and have brought with them years of skill in the plumbing industry. They promise that their customers will be 100 percent satisfied with their work.
Some of the services The Sunny Plumber provides includes drain and sewer cleaning, household plumbing including toilets, and heaters. The Sunny Plumber has special deals for their customers to help them save money, including The Sunshine Club Maintenance Plan. Members of the club can expect to get annual visits from the plumbers who’ll help the customers prevent flooding problems by getting their drains inspected and cleaned. Faucets, garbage disposals, shut off valves and more will get inspected for rust, corrosion, calcium deposits, and wear and tear in order to avoid flood problems.

Customers are very pleased with The Sunny Plumber. Customers have mentioned the plumbers are very neat on the job and very detailed about doing the best job they can. The plumbers returned the customers’ calls promptly and made sure they were on schedule to do the work that was needed. Angie’s List gives The Sunny Plumber an A rating in many areas: Price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. One customer was thrilled the plumber was able to retrieve a sponge that had accidentally been flushed down the toilet.