How Securus Technologies is Making The World a Better Place

The PRNewswire site recently released an article on Securus Technologies. In this article, they talked about how Securus Technologies just released Investigator Pro 4.0.  These technologies have been used for years and have always been found to be reliable and affordable. Securus Technologies just made the decision to release the product Investigator Pro 4.0 that has a searchable voice feature. This new piece of equipment has given all investigators the great opportunity to pick out one of their many voice samples on file, one of an inmate or one of someone who has made a call to an inmate, and use it to search for any other calls that come up in the system with that same voice.


This is a huge break in the field of investigation, and will help investigators out greatly when it comes to finding out information about gang-related activity and other criminal activities that could be going on. The new feature of being able to search for a voice allows the investigators using the program to not only go just based on a PIN/ID or telephone numbers, but it also allows them to follow after individual voices that come up. This will allow for many investigations to go over better in the long run.

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Securus Technologies helps over 3,450 different types of agencies around the globe with their technologies, and also help more than 1,200,000 inmates. Securus Technologies has made it their main focus to make sure that everyone is able to connect in the way that matters the most. With all of the new and innovative technologies coming from Securus Technologies, it is no surprise that they are one of the leading companies in the technology industry. For more information on the company Securus Technologies, click here.

GTL Exposed – How the Company Toiled with Struggling Families?

Also consider how you would feel if you know that the company has implanted devices in the telecommunication infrastructure that illegally increases the call duration by either 15 seconds or 36 seconds. In addition, how you would feel if someone tells you that the same company is already charging significantly higher rates than the call charges set by regulatory authorities. If this is not enough to rattle a person, the idea that you are forced to complete a number of steps to speak to the person on the other side just to increase the call time may prove very unsettling. However, even if you are somehow willing to pay after these disclosures just to speak to your loved one, what if you find multiple instances of double billing on numerous phone calls when the final charges are delivered to you at the end of the month.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

If the above scenario seems hypothetical, it is fit to call such instances diabolical because one of the leading telecommunication providers in the U.S. state prisons was doing exactly that. In a recent report released by the Louisiana Public Commission Service, GTL, Global Tel Link, carried out all the illegal practices described above, which amounts to nearly $1,243,000 in illegal charges. What is more atrocious is the fact that the communication was carried out between prisoners and their families who wanted to communicate with each other, but the only means of communication was to go through the network setup by GTL.

Concerned by such claims and ongoing irregularities by GTL, the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith has announced that Securus Technologies will release a number of statements outlining irregularities in the sector, including that of GTL. Subsequent press release will be available on the official website of Securus Technologies and distributed using mass media.