No Guts, No Glory

Patty Rocklage is a woman of guts, strategy and action; when it comes down to it, she is the one you will want leading your psychology focus group or in-depth study as her many years of study, practice and theory, research and networking have proven to be more than successful.

In fact, this kind lady is psychology’s natural leader as she was born to lead the pack and more. She has therapy and results in her blood stream, as they say, and never stops until she gets full results. She is a proven strategist.

Patty is a key team player and team builder; she has worked on more teams than she can count and certainly knows how to incorporate the best aspects and qualities of each individual member into a solid team – one in which all parties benefit.

She can assemble a good group of psychology experts in a matter of seconds much similar to how Chris Evans’s Captain America is known to assemble his Marvel’s Avengers team to any assigned task – with speed and precision.

Patty is on LinkedIn as well, so do be kind and add her if you seek a professional connection of the best kind; she will not disappoint, nor will her past work history or samples of her work.

Patty has counseled many patients of different shapes and sizes. She has had to use her every tip and trick in the book while always learning a new one as she goes along: She has used the best of her General Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and other psychology course work skills and life lessons learned.

She has quite an array of funny experiences and stories to tell as well, making her quite the inspiration to learn from; see what Patty can teach you.

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