Securus Technologies Leads In Offering Customer Service To Corrections Facilities

Securus Technologies is a crime prevention company that deals with inmates and correctional facilities. The main agenda behind the formation of this company is to aid in crime reduction rates by all means possible. Securus Technologies was founded to ensure that prisoners and agents who work in correctional facilities enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to communicate with family and friends at any time. Well, this has been happening under the watch and guidance of one Rick Smith, the lead executive of the firm. To better describe the service delivery ability of Securus Technologies, the company released information about client feedback in regards to the entire operations of the firm. It was noted that most clients were impressed by the firm’s performance. Here are some of the comments that were noted by the company:


Client A


One client stated that the correctional facility was able to arrest the wrong-doer because of the availability of a modern communications gadget, provided by Securus Technologies. Being that it was not an easy task to warrant the arrest because of insufficient information that would serve as evidence; Securus Technologies was helpful in tracking down the conversation that served as proof of mischief.


Client B


Another client stated that calls were made with the major aim of finding information about the consumption of illegal brews in correctional facilities. These calls have since served as evidence through the use of a cellular device that Securus Technologies came up with. It is factual that had it not been for the device, that arrest would not have been possible.




Securus Technologies has the main office in Dallas, Texas. The company thrives in its ability to provide modern and updated services to inmates. Having served over 1,200,000 inmates since it was established, the company has managed to secure the lives of innocent people by locking prisoners out of the society. For Securus Technologies, it has been a service delivery initiative that has saved many in the world that is highly dominated by crude individuals.


Controlling Drug Problems in Jail Using Securus Technologies

The biggest issue that me and my fellow corrections officers deal with inside the jail each day is the increased use of drug between inmates. Even the calmest inmates become impossible to control if they are using heroin or crack, and that can put every single person inside the jail in grave danger. We make an effort each day to try and locate the source of the drug flow and put a stop to it as quickly as possible.


The weakest location in any jail is the visitor center. This is where the inmates can get up close to the visitors, and things can easily be passed from one to another. My team has to be on our toes here, checking the visitors as they come in the jail, using scanning devices to make sure the inmates do not go back to their cells with anything, and even the use of drug-sniffing dogs to locate anything we missed.


Our prison was lucky enough to be selected to have the new inmate call monitoring systems installed. When Securus Technologies is involved, you know you have a valuable resource in the fight on drugs now in your corner. This company is headed by CEO Rick Smith, and he has assured my team that his 1,000 employees are all working hard towards the objective of making the world safer for us all.


Once my team was up to speed on how the LBS software worked, we plugged in the verbiage we wanted and waited. Hours later we were getting hits about inmates talking on the phone about smuggling drugs to the visitor center. We heard inmates talking about hiding drugs in the shower so they could not be tied to it. We even discovered how inmates were selling drugs in order to be able to buy favor with the gang leaders too.

Finding Fugitives Using the Help of Securus Technologies

I work on our fugitive task force division, and recently we have been trying to find new ways to bring the most wanted criminals to justice. In the past, we had many informants who would help make our job easier, but these informants are becoming harder to find because they fear the violence their family will have to deal with.

One of the ways that we have always gathered information on fugitives is to go back to the jail and speak with anyone who has come in contact with them. These days however, gang members in jail run a tight ship and seldom will you get anyone to help with an investigation. We have access to the inmate phone calls, and these have been even difficult to make use of because the inmates speak in code right under our noses.

Things did change this year for the better, ever since Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system and trained officers on the LBS software. If you listen to the CEO of this Dallas based company, Rick Smith, he will tell you that all 1,000 of his employees are all committed to helping make this world a little bit safer for us all.

That is exactly what happened soon after I began monitoring calls. Some inmates were again talking in code to their families on the outside, when we discovered chatter pertaining to a fugitive we were desperately trying to locate. This fugitive was already en route to the border, but now we had information on how he was getting there.

Luckily, we arrived hours before he reached the border and was able to apprehend him will little resistance as he was trying to quietly slip over the border. The Securus Technologies system was key in making this arrest happen and making the city safer for all of us.

Securus Has Given Me An Easy Way To Serve The Community

I am the guy in the community who checks in with all the young people who are in jail. They end up in jail because it is something that is happening right now, and I think that using Securus was the smartest thing I have done. I am calling these boys on Securus almost every day because they need to have an adult that will talk to them, and I think that the only way to make that work is to be sure that I have spoken with people who will be able to learn from their mistakes.


They need to know this stuff because it is the only way they can call in and get in touch with people, and I think it matters more than anything that I teach these boys that we have not forgotten them. They are less likely to go back to crime if they know that someone cares, and that is why I am trying to get them on the line with Securus all the time. This is a lot more healthy, and it helps them be sure that they are more than just a number.


These people will have better lives because I have interacted with them on Securus many times before. They are learning about what I think will make their lives better, and I know that a lot of people will start to see the difference it is making. Everyone who is in need in the community should make sure that they are talking through Securus because they might just find someone who need to be supported because their life has gone sideways due to crime.