Global Tel Link Overcharged Louisiana Prison System For Communication Services

A recent report released by Securus Technologies lists some of the problems found by an investigation of Global Tel Link conducted by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. The investigation uncovered a number of serious issues with the service Global Tel provided for the Louisiana prison system. Chief among them was that Global Tel overcharged customers in excess of $1,243,000. The 17-page Louisiana PSC report concluded that Global Tel added between 15 and 36 seconds to many calls by improperly programming their phones and charging higher rates than was permitted.
The PR Newswire published report went on to say Global Tel artificially inflated charges and double billed clients for calls. The report called those actions unlawful and designed to overcharge customers. The Louisiana report called into question the integrity of the company. It is apparently one of the reasons many in the corrections community now favor Securus Technologies which released the report. Securus Technology is now among the leading providers of technology solutions for communications, investigations, and monitoring by the civil and criminal justice community. Not only has the company proven to above reproach, they also offer the latest and most effective communications technology.

Securus Technologies currently serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. More than 1,200,000 inmates use communications services provided by Securus Technologies. TheĀ A+ accredited company offers communications, inmate self-service, emergency response, public information, information management, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, and monitoring technology, service, and products. Securus Technologies is embraced by the corrections and public safety community nationwide because of their integrity, innovation, and commitment to providing the best service in the industry.

The Louisiana PSC report details practices Global Tel Link engaged in almost two decades ago. During that time Securus Technology has proven they are a company on which the corrections and public safety community can trust.