George Soros makes change easy for democrats

I like to think of money as fertilizer. Fertilizer is only good for spreading around and making things grow. Money is the same, especially when it comes to ideologies. Money helps those ideologies spread, often by giving them wider distribution. One man who understands this concept is George Soros, and since he is constantly backing the Democrats. He has become a thorn in the side of Republicans. This is why they call him the Boogeyman and read full article.

Being an adversary the Republicans, he continuously funds their political rivals and enemies. During the election of 2004, George Soros longed to dethrone a weak George W. Bush and topple his presidency. Soros funded Bush’s political contender that year, John Kerry. Up until that time, it was normal for high dollar donors to give a few million in political donations. Soros broke the accepted norm by giving John Kerry $27 million. Soros broke down when Kerry failed to become the next president and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In 2008, Soros tried again. He struggled between choosing his friend Hillary Clinton who has always counted on his donations to back or the emerging candidate taking the world by storm, Barack Obama. Eventually, Soros settled on Obama over Clinton. He believed Obama would be more aggressive in pushing a liberal agenda. However, Obama disappointed Soros by not being liberal enough and learn more about George Soros.

Soros returned to the political landscape in 2016 to embolden the ranks of Hillary Clinton in her political war with Donald Trump. Soros funded her with a jaw dropping amount of $25 million. This empowered her to take out massive campaign ads in order to sink Trump’s chances. Soros also aided several senators in the party by donating over $1.5 to their various campaigns. Even though they had all this money, Democrats suffered a historic defeat that year and very few were elected to office. While democrats licked their wounds, this fighter Soros got up and began throwing his financial weight around. You see, it wasn’t easy to defeat Soros. This battle hardened man worked his way through London’s School of Economy by working as a waiter and rail porter. He did not know how to give up. This attitude gained him a net worth of $25.2 billion according to Soros put this net worth in the places it was needed to stop Trump’s agenda and what George Soros knows.

Soros gave huge sums of money to organizations that supported Planned Parenthood. He also gave money to Super Pacs that sponsored candidates who lobbied for immigration rights, abortion rights, and free press. Soros also organized protests where people could get together and show their disproval of Trump’s policies. We see this working at the now famous pink-hat march in DC and Follow him

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