Best Of Both Worlds On Upwork

With twelve million registered freelancers combine with five million clients, Upwork, formerly known as Elance-oDesk, generates three million jobs annually that translate to a turnover of $ 1billion. This makes it one of the largest online marketplaces connecting freelancers and clients from all over the world on their platform that operates across 180 countries. Clients can interview and hire professionals to work on various projects, with all information being self-confessed; honesty is the basis of operation. To receive work, one has to create a virtual profile that sets skills and expertise level; this allows one to deliver on the jobs picked. Failure to deliver leads to suspension or closure of an account.

The platform also has a blog where freelancers can write articles relevant to their categories; these articles can be used to link to profiles and other samples or portfolio. Recently advice on how to do a proper to-do list was discussed, sound trivial? Think again. The article discusses key points of how to improve the efficacy of a to-do list. To most of us, this little rote is quickly jotted down while at the breakfast table; first mistake.

The idea of a to-do list is to save you time to accomplish certain tasks in the day; therefore the best time to create this important list is the evening. The most essential tasks need to be handled in the morning when your energy levels are high, do not waste this time trying to create priorities of a to-do list.

While it might seem straightaway, prioritizing on a to-do list is more than just about deadlines. A to-do list allows you to set times for specific tasks. Some tasks are better done while you are at your peak and other can be left for later in the day. While setting priorities, it is important to create sub-tasks, this can be useful in keeping up morale in-between tasks. Batching of similar tasks and tasks that complement each other saves times and allows one to accomplish more efficiently. It allows you to bring together the whole of your day in focus, therefore, allowing to pay attention to the present.

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