The Expansion Of OSI Industries Has Proved To Be A Glorious Success

Baho Food is a meat processing, private Dutch company. The controlling stake has been acquired by OSI Industries. The company services the retail and food services industries. Baho Foods has five subsidiary companies operating in both the Netherlands and Germany. This includes Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods. These businesses have been selling deli products such as deli meats, snacks and convenience foods for nearly sixty years throughout eighteen European countries.

OSI Industries President is David McDonald. He stated the company’s European presence has been extended due to the acquisition of Baho Food. OSO Industries has placed their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. He believes their product portfolio has been complimented by Baho Food due to the expansion of their capabilities and increased processing strengths. This enables the company to meet their customer’s evolving needs. OSI Industries intends to retain the original staff of Baho Food.

The Managing Director of Baho Food is John Balvers. He is going to be staying with the business with his entire team of management. They will be working with OSI Industry’s senior leaders for the implementation of a plan for the future to establish long term growth for the combined businesses. John Balvers is excited about his future with OSI Industries. He spoke of the excellent relationships retained with the suppliers and customers. Baho Food is now in an excellent position to leverage the capabilities and experience of OSI Industries. Customers will receive even better support due to the broader portfolio of products and the new strategy.

OSI Industries has also purchased a Chicago food plant previously owned by Tyson. In addition the company has also boosted their chicken product output with a high capacity line for production. The improvements made to the plant in Spain cost OSI Industries $17 million Euros. The yearly capacity of the plant was 12,000 tons. This figure has been doubled by the improvement. The increased production of chicken provides OSI Industries with a better overall output. This is extremely important for the business.

An OSI Industries executive in Spain estimates the capacity of the company regarding production will be 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products yearly. This has helped the company while adding twenty jobs to the local economy. One of the new positions is in management for product development. This involves developing new products while improving the products already produced by the company.

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