How Product Recognition Technology Can Change The Way We Search

Image recognition is an exciting new technology that can revolutionize the way we now browse, shop and purchase products online. The way the technology works is you use an application that has a product scanner build in. Using the application with the product scanner in a mobile app for example, you snap a picture of an item or object that has aroused your curiosity.

The photo is then uploaded into the product database and is scanned against all known matches within the database. The scanner analyzes features such as tags, branding, colors, shapes, textures, size and luster. Based on the information the scanner obtains from the photo you have snapped on an object, a matching product from the database is shown to you. If there are no exact matches within the database, a very similar product could be shown instead. Sometimes several similar products can be shown instead that have similar traits to the product taken in the photo.

The beauty of product recognition is that instead of typing in a product in a search engine or online catalog you can simply photograph it with a camera through a mobile application. Image recognition technology can be correlated as being a visual search for products instead of a manual written search. You can view it as a looking for a product based on photographs instead of words.

Product recognition technology has a big convenience factor. Take the following scenario for example. A woman spots a really nice dress that someone else is wearing or that is on display on a window store that is closed. Instead of guessing what brand the dress is or what the article of clothing is called, she can just snap a photo of it using an image recognition technology app. This way she can almost instantly find out what the item is and how much it costs. She can also find details about and even purchase it outright.

A company that offers product recognition technology applications is Slyce. This company has been at the forefront of developing and launching image recognition technology apps for both people and companies. Slyce works with clothing companies and department stores to populate their database with as much products as possible. The company also takes the feedback of users of their image recognition technology app into account when trying to improve the image recognition technology engine.