Alex Pall Shares Future Music Plans; Explains how he met Andrew Taggart

The Chainsmokers are a hidden gem in the music industry right now. Their songs have been played billions of times all over the world, but according to the music duo themselves, you may not truly know who The Chainsmokers are.

Almost everyone has heard the songs “Roses,” “Closer,” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” but how many people could point out the faces behind the music? Unless you follow them on Instagram, chance are you know nothing about the lives of the people who make the music you enjoy.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, more commonly known as The Chainsmokers, conducted an interview with Interview Magazine in order to share who The Chainsmokers are with the public. The interview revolved around topics such as Halsey, “Closer,” and the future of their music.

With the coming of the song “Closer,” an extremely innovative change was made to the music of The Chainsmokers. One of the things that made The Chainsmokers so unique was their incredible popularity, despite not being vocalists. However, the days of relying on guest vocalists are over for the duo. “Closer” does feature Halsey, but it also has vocal contribution by Andrew Taggart.

Taggart entered The Chainsmokers after Pall’s former partner left the group. Now Andrew Taggart is lead singer of the group going forward.

The interview opened with Taggart and Pall explaining their first encounter. Pall was DJing around New York City, in dire need of a new partner. His manager called Taggart, who at the time was a student in Maine. Taggart jumped at the opportunity.

The duo instantly became a well-working unit, often being in the studio all day long. The Chainsmokers claim that they are years ahead of the music being released right now, meaning they have their future releases planned incredibly ahead of schedule. This could result in a lot of their music going unheard, if the popular sound changes so dramatically that these songs never release.

“What we’ve become is so much bigger than what anyone could have imagined,” said Alex Pall. “In order to stay interesting and engaged in all of it , you want to keep trying new things.”

Inspiring Journey of Norka Luque

More often not everyone gets an opportunity to follow and accomplish their dreams as Norka Luque has managed to. With a big heart in singing and music, Norka Luque has been able to find her destiny as well as capture the world’s attention. Recently, Norka gained international fame following her powerful messages of hope, love and a beautiful voice. The attractive Venezuelan singer comes from a blessed family that has given her support to accomplish her lifelong destiny that is music. Since her childhood age, Norka had a great passion for music and this has also contributed to her meteoric rise within the music industry. At her young age, she took part in several singing competitions that were held in her native country and won numerous awards.

Balancing Her Education with Music

Following the unending support from her parents, Norka Luque began her music training sessions which entailed piano classes, voice practice, ballet and flamenco. After completion of her high school education, Norka joined a France-based university where she earned her Degree in business administration. Her main areas of study were fashion, marketing and culinary arts. While in high school, she did not neglect her musical aspirations. She joined a band team that helped her remain in good touch with her passion. Through the band, she managed to appear on numerous high profile platforms and this helped her sharpen her skills in music. Upon her graduation, Norka worked briefly at Monaco s banking industry. Thereafter, she relinquished the banking job and resumed to her main primary ambition of music while in the United States.

Beginning of Her Success journey

Emilio Estefan is one of the people who have helped Norka turn to a celebrated star. Through the help of Emilio, Norka released several hits that ruled the Latin’s airwaves. Within no time, she launched an amazing album known as Miracle. This album gained instant popularity all over Venezuela and paved way for her success.

Enduring Her Personal Crisis

Unluckily, Norka developed a serious neurological condition in 2014 and this was a big threat to her music career. However, this did not discourage her. She continued to remain strong and resolved to enroll into a fitness program that made her gain stability and make a grand comeback in the industry. Norka Luque strongly believes that musicians play a very important role in delivering hope to people through their music. ≈