Duda Melzer Life and Career

Duda Melzer is a prominent business owner in Brazil. During his career, he has worked hard to help his customers in various ways. He firmly believes that owning a business is an excellent way for people to take their life to a new level.

Duda Melzer is the current CEO of Grupo RBS. Although he is relatively young, Duda Melzer still manages one of the largest marketing companies in Brazil. When Duda Melzer started in his career, he did not have a clear plan. He worked at several companies and decided to get an advanced business degree. He applied to Harvard Business School hoping to get accepted. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 2002 with an MBA. Earning an MBA was an excellent way for him to take his career to a new level. Check out their web site eduardosirotskymelzer.com

Changing the Company

Grupo RBS was in bad financial shape when Duda Melzer Digital took over. Not only were sales declining, but many of the best employees were leaving for other opportunities. Duda Melzer decided to make drastic changes at the company. He implemented new politics designed to increase the pay of various workers. He also improved other benefits for workers. The changes quickly decreased turnover among employees. You can visit pauliceiadojazz for more.

Future Trends

The marketing industry is always changing. Some marketing companies were not able to adapt to the changes. Grupo RBS acquired several smaller companies that went out of business. Duda Melzer believes that buying another company is a proven strategy for growth. With the strong financial position of Grupo RBS, some people think that Duda Melzer may attempt to acquire additional companies in the coming years.

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