Freedom Pop: Ultra Low-Cost Wireless Service

For ultra low-cost wireless service, we’ve noticed that the innovative FreedomPop plan furnishes exclusively Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VOIP”) in the cell phone marketplace. This practice translates into huge savings for customers.

An Innovative Company

Founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, FreedomPop serves customers in Europe and North America. In the USA, the company utilizes the well-developed Sprint Network to deliver service to customers. The reliance upon VOIP permits Freedom Pop to pass along consumer savings. The company depends upon the established computer infrastructure to transmit data, voice and text communications via the Sprint Network. Significantly, it evidently does not buy these services individually from its network provider for re-sale in bundles at higher markups to its own subscribers.

Low Cost Plans

One of the most popular supplies three hours and twenty minutes of voice, a whopping 500 MB of data and 500 text messages for free! The plan even applies in locales designated as “hot spots” for Wifi transmissions. An unlimited wireless date plan furnishes an endless supply of data, talk and text services to customers for the awesome price of only $19.99 monthly.

Creating Networked Wifi Hotspots

Today, one of the most significant trends in computer technology involves the democratization of knowledge. Whereas hierarchical structures tended to apply to organizations during former eras, the arrival of the Information Age has created holistic, shared platforms for the spread of ideas. FreedomPop evidently seeks to promote that new vision by seeking to eventually connect some 10 million Wifi hotspots throughout the nation to transmit wireless data between different points. This process saves Freedom Pop the expense of constructing a separate expensive network of cell phone towers.

Obtain Personal Recommendations

Of course, the best way to ensure that a particular network suits the needs of individual customers remains obtaining personal references from people who have subscribed to the service. Freedom Pop supplies three major areas of telecommunications: Home Internet, Phone and Mobile Data. All remain very popular fields among wireless providers today. The inexpensive pricing policies promoted by FreedomPop mean that large numbers of customers can afford to try out FreedomPop’s innovative business plans on a trial basis.