Billy McFarland–A Unique Entrepreneur Who Easily Recognizes How to Step Up–One-by–One–The Success Ladder

When it comes to not failing forward—such is the case with enterprising and very personable; professional CEO and entrepreneur: Billy McFarland. Billy McFarland achieves success in any venture he undertakes. He easily raises funds whether it is venture capital or adding to company revenues—McFarland climbs the success ladder, effortlessly. He does not complicate matters with a lot of minutiae: he clearly recognizes what comprises his business model.

The illustrious New York CEO—twenty-three years young—is the founder of Spling. Spling is a unique online platform. The site makes it possible for users to improve appearance of their sites by reinventing them from text links to that of graphic imagery in the way of mosaics—located on online bulletin boards. Billy has notable clients using Spling such as Universal and Discovery.

That is not all—the ever-thinking Billy McFarland established and is CEO of another unique company—with its target audience—the professional Millennial. He established Magnises in 2013.

This unique company provides the professional Millennial with a cool, weighty metal black card which the user can easily tie into his or her respective debit or bank card. He or she can easily make purchases and take advantage of all of the unique features and benefits–when using the Magnises card.

Professionals who use the card are able to get into clubs—where access is not easy—and take advantage of private concerts and events. There is a stylish penthouse, available, too, to the active Millennial professional where he or she can take his or her client for important meetings.

Significant events are held at the penthouse location, such as musical sets, where DJs, are on board to provide the music, as well as leisurely cocktail hours; wherein Millennials are able to connect. The Magnises black card is a “must-have,” for the professional Millennial.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland, stated that revenues for the card were generated by the card’s yearly fee, which is a reasonable $250 fee. The starting point for the Magnises card has been New York City; however, Billy has stated that he is planning to take his Magnises business to other markets, too. So far, the revenue generated for Magnises has been substantial—in the millions.

It is apparent, Billy McFarland has his head on straight, when it comes to raising funds; building successful business models and planning for the future. Other entrepreneurs and businesses may wish to take note: It is a given, Billy McFarland knows how to successfully raise funds, and make money.

He knows his direction—and without question—is a terrific visionary who makes what it is he envisions, as to achievement, happen.