Neurocore Wants You to Understand the Most Common Mental Illness; Depression

Neuroscore Brain Treatment Centers specialize in reprogramming the brain to help people who suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD. They also treat autism, stress and sleep disorders, and migraines.

Treatment begins with tests that create a map of the patient’s brain. That map is used to devise a course of treatment that improves brain function. Positive treatment outcomes are generally permanent. See more information about Neurocore at

Below, Neurocore offers some information about another of the brain disorders they address; depression.

Yearly, 16 million adults suffer from depression. Depression is most likely to afflict women and people 18 and older.

The most common type of mental illness antiquated notions about depression may keep 66% of depression suffers from seeking treatment.

Research suggests that depression runs in families. A traumatic life-altering event like the passing of a loved one can lead to depression. Abuse and the loss of a job are also potential triggers.

Major Depressive Disorder is a state of melancholy that last for at least two weeks and is felt daily. Characterized by sadness experienced almost daily for two or more years, Persistent Depressive Disorder generally doesn’t rise to the level of Major Depressive Disorder.

Someone who has just given birth may experience an immediate onset of Post Partum Depression. The symptoms of PD can last for 14-365 days. Reduced exposure to sunlight during the winter months may result in Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Depression symptoms can include fatigue and irascibility. Additional symptoms are the loss of interest in favorite activities, dramatic changes in weight, and altered sleep patterns. Despondency, emptiness, and numbness are common symptoms.

High functioning depressives are able to mask their symptoms and go about life as if nothing is wrong.



Both body and mind are adversely affected by depression. Suffers can experience headaches and stomach discomfort, breathing difficulties and stress.

Almost five times an hour there is a suicide in the US most of which are caused by depression. Never be dismissive of someone who talks about killing themselves.

Between the loss of productivity and the cost of treatment, debilitating depression impacts the US economy to the sum of $80 million annually. Read more at about Neurocore.