Matt Madiali Surprises Everyone With His Next Investment Advice.

A lot has been said about Matt Badiali recently. He was the founder of a new type of investment which experts didn’t see at the time. Even without having a degree in Business or Finances he made one of the greatest investment moves back in 2008 when he purchased stocks from energy companies for $0.06 a share making about 4,400 percent on them two years later.

Since then, Matt Badiali has been dealing with stocks and future trends that could have the same potential as his first discovery. Up until recently, he has been focusing on energy companies and minerals that could become the next big market. However, his latest advice targets a market that is, no questions about it, a grey area for a lot of people. On his twitter, he posted about what he considers will be the next biggest market to appear in recent years, the Cannabis market.

The Cannabis market has been around for centuries and it was a topic which was frowned upon by the majority of the population. However, in recent years, with the development of the medical use of Cannabis, people started looking at it in a new light. And what was once considered one of the worst drugs in the world, is now one of the most promising medical discoveries.

The impact of the medical use of Cannabis has been changing the way the plant is seen throughout the world, with countries like Portugal, Holland and new to this list Canada, approving the recreational use across their nations. According to Matt Badiali, the fact that Canada is now approving and regulating recreational use of Cannabis can affect the way its nearest neighbor, the United States, perceives the market.

While some states have already passed the recreational law, like California and Colorado, others are still at the initial stage of just barely accepting the medicinal use, though that could change drastically depending on how well the change affects Canada. Truth is Matt Badiali has Cannabis as his newest and most prolific advice and if we look at his track record, it would be safe to say that this has the potential to change the investment market once again.

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