Matthew Autterson, Investment Management for the 21st Century

Investment Management refers to the professional management of one’s assets and how they are invested into vehicles such as stocks, bonds, or real estate. This is seen in most workplaces in an employee’s 401(k), a retirement fund usually put into a mutual fund, which has an investment management team deciding the best stocks and bonds to invest in. High net-worth individuals may also hire an investment manager to properly maintain and ultimately grow his/her portfolio.

A key component of investment management is the balance between risk and return. Investment managers work with their clients to determine how much risk they would like to take on, and then research and analyze the best investment opportunities for each specific client.

Some of the top investment management firms include Vanguard, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and BlackRock. They are successful due to the wealth of knowledge they have, which enables them to prepare expert research and analysis processes in evaluating investment opportunities. Another key component is trust: It is vitally important that the client trust the people into whose hands he/she places his/her hard earned money.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Matthew Autterson possesses over two decades of experience in the fields of accounting, investing, and financial services. Matthew Autterson is the cofounder of WIN Wealth Management.

Matthew Autterson helps his clients determine the correct amount of risk they should take on given their financial situation, and helps them find the ideal investments to grow their wealth. Central to investing at WIN for Matthew Autterson is diversification of a client’s portfolio. This helps minimize the risks of investing in one particular sector in case it sees a sharp decline.