David McDonald Steers OSI Group to Success and Prominence

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the current President of OSI Group, a premier global food provider. He has been in the company for the last three decades and has contributed to its growth. McDonald holds degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. Here, he earned an Outstanding Senior Award for his commitment to advancing animal science industry. David joined OSI Group in Chicago shortly after graduating from college. He began as a junior officer before making his way up as OSI Group’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Upon the acquisition of Baho Food, a successful private food supplier in 2016, David McDonald knew that OSI Group would get to greater heights. The acquisition gave OSI Group broader continental reach. In fact, it led to the inclusion of deli meats and quick snacks to its inventories. Baho Foods is a leading producer of a wide array of foods and meat products in Germany and the Netherlands.

Even after thirty years of service at OSI Group, David McDonald remains passionate about his job. He strives to deliver the best to OSI Group’s customers and treats them like family. He believes that constant change in customer needs makes things interesting. His core business at OSI Group is to help customers. Customers’ confidence and their positive feedback enhance company’s awareness.

With over 20,000 employees, OSI Group desires to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As a private corporation, it’s easier to be flexible and establish healthy relationships. David McDonald’s devotes to creating dynamic and strong partnerships, where a partner has a thorough knowledge of the culture and business practices. Good customer relationship helps in scaling OSI Group globally.

David McDonald believes it’s the clients who inspire innovation for a company. For a company to thrive in the food industry like OSI Group, it’s essential to meet customer needs. As such, you need constant creativity in addressing clients’ problems. For David McDonald, risks are some of the best learning tools. He adds that offering services to clients are never limited to production capacity. Instead, it goes beyond product development.

Todd Lubar’s Success in Life and Business

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures and Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investment, recently sat down for an interview with Inspirery to talk about his life and success in business. In it, he recaps key moments in his life that led him to become who he is today. Lubar recounts how he was inspired to become an investor in real estate as a way to help those in need, as well as doubts he had after an early failure. He talks about the process of earning money, how long it took for his company to finally become profitable, the challenges in managing family and work, his strategies for growing his business, and his hopes for a bright future. He also mentions how the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz has helped him learn to maximize his professional time and become more productive, citing his Fitbit as another helpful tool for business.

Prior to earning the position he holds today, Lubar first found work in 1995 at the Crestar Mortage Corporation as a loan originator after graduating from Syracuse with a bachelor’s in speech communication, building key skills and relationships within the real estate industry that would serve him later in life. By 1999, he had moved on to work for Legacy Financial Group, helping to grow the Texas-based company’s Maryland offices, their production unit expanding to over 100 million dollars in loan volumes every year, and eventually opening his own business in 2002 called Legendary Properties, LLC. This jumpstarted his success and prompted him to open Charter Funding in 2003 as a division of First Magnus Financial Corp, becoming Senior Vice President and holding that position until 2007.

Later, he joined Priority Financial Services, helping underserved clients find property they can afford. Over the years, he has branched out into other businesses, such as demolitions, night clubs, real estate development, and scrap recycling, partly as a reaction to the changing state of the mortgage industry in 2007 and 2008. Lubar currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland and enjoys traveling and spending time with his two children.

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The Entrepreneurial Exploits Of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is the Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JustFab. He co-founded the company with his friend and business partner, Don Ressler. Their business managed to raise $55 million in funding since 2011. In 2013, the company acquired ShoeDazzle.

Adam Goldenberg was always destined to be a successful entrepreneur. At the age of 13, he began an online bulletin board while at school. At the age of 15, Adam founded his first company. He named it Gamer’s Alliance. The company was an advertising network of gaming sites. Three years down the line, Adam Goldenberg sold the company to Intermix Media. At this stage, he was still in school. His innovation and hard work impressed the President of Intermix Media, Mr. Brett Brewer. He decided to offer him a job at Intermix Media. He decided to terminate his studies just as he was about to graduate. Adam Goldenberg took the job offer at Intermix Media, and he became the Vice President of Strategic Planning. He was soon promoted to become the company’s youngest serving Chief Operating Officer (COO).

While working at Intermix Media, he met Don Ressler, and they became close friends. They both shared the same ideas and got along very well. Adam and Don formed their first company that operated under the umbrella of Intermix Media on YouTube. It was an e-commerce brand incubator platform. Their business was an instant hit as it generated millions of revenues for Intermix Media. In 2005, News Corp acquired Intermix Media. The conglomerate ignored the successful venture of Adam and Don. The pair became frustrated and decided to leave the firm.

After leaving Intermix Media, Adam and Don combined their efforts and came up with a new business idea on digitalexperience.nrf.com. The two gentlemen invited their former colleagues who worked in the same unit as them to Adam’s house.

Intelligent beauty has proven to be a successful business with the launch of Sensa and DERMSTORE. In 2008, Technology Crossover Ventures gave Intelligent Beauty funding worth $43 million. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab. In 2011, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler appointed Kimora Lee to be the company’s President. Currently, JusFab has more than 35 million subscribers. It operates in the USA, Canada, and six other European countries.