Investors Around The Country Seek The Advice Of Financial Expert Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is one of the leading investors in the country today for his profound level of success in a rather short career time. Although Paul has been highly successful, he is mostly retired from the wall street game of investing in stocks on a fast-paced basis. Today, Paul Mampilly is mostly focused on educating entrepreneurs and investors that tune into Banyan Hill Publishing from all over the nation. Throughout the course of Paul’s career, he has worked at various corporations out there in the investment and financial industries, including ING and Kinetics International.

During the twenty years that he was working in the stock markets, Paul Mampilly managed to set some serious records and win various different awards and achievements. By the time he hit 42 years old, Paul Mampilly had decided to give up on the wall street investing career and retired. Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the leading financial and investing sites for those looking to be successful in stock market trading, was quick to ask Paul Mampilly to join the team and lend his expertise to thousands of readers.

As a leading authority on the subject, Paul informs his readers of the best avenues they can take in order to all but guarantee their financial success. At the end of the day, risks are part of the deal when it comes to investing, which is why it is such a profitable career to partake in. Because of this, Paul recommends to his readers that they stay clear of high-risk investments, especially when they first start out. Hitting it big and becoming a success overnight is an amazing feeling, but a very rare one as well. Most people who try to become a success through very risky investments end up in a deep hole that they might not be able to climb their way out of.

The Work Life of Adam Milstein

How do you learn to become a great investor? By learning how other people pulled through the industry to become the people, they are today. Listening to the stories of the investors, enlighten you on the dos and don’ts of the businesses. You also get to know what the people do differently that earns them success.

Adam Milstein is among the people you can learn from, and become a better investor. He is the Managing Director of the prominent real estate firm; the Hager Pacific Properties. He says that when he was in USC, receiving his MBA, some investors came to recruit the students. He realized that they underestimated his abilities, and offered him unfavorable offers. He knew his worth, and as a result, he began Real Estate Commercial broking. It was not long before he believed in his skills, and started his firm.

Many people have a daily routine that they follow to ensure all their tasks are completed in time. Milstein’s story is different. He argues that it is hard to have a fixed routine with a growing business. As the assets grow, the activities of the firm differ. Another surprising thing about Milstein is that he does a lot by himself. He says that he delegates duties to his team members to ease the workload but when he realizes the person is not committed; he does the task for himself.

That is not all. You have probably been taught severally on the importance of having strategies. Adam Milstein says that he stopped setting targets because he realized they were limiting him. He, therefore, avoids the limitations by working without any set goal. This does not mean that he has less accomplished in his career. He gives every day his best.

It could be weird not to mention the philanthropy work of Adam Milstein. He is known for his dedication to the teachings of the Jewish community. He helps in ensuring that the American-Israel families understand what the Jewish beliefs are, and what they expect from them. His wife, Gila support him. Adam Milstein says that doing his work and the humanitarian work every day is what completes him.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Provides Solutions For Cancer Patients

Since its inception in 2015 Tempus has actively taken part in the fight against cancer. The tech company invented an operating system to this effect. Thanks to the efforts of its co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, the company continues to lead the way in this regard. One of his kins who was battling the condition inspired him to establish the firm. He is making the most of technology to offer personalized treatment to cancer patients. The Chicago based firm has continued to provide physicians with well analysed data for efficient cancer treatment.

The huge strides that the company has made have all stemmed from a desire to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients. Eric Lefkofsky has brought on board the best minds in the industry to help him achieve his goals. A recent investment package is bound to considerably cut down on the sequencing costs. This will contribute greatly to precision medicine as doctors rely on more than one sequencing test during the treatment of their patients. Eric Lefkofsky believes that this will cause a reasonable improvement in cancer patient care and treatment. He has also invested in the e-commerce industry with Groupon which he chairs.He is the co-founder of most of them and doubles up as the chief executive.

Eric Lefkofsky gives back to the society mainly through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he established with Liz, his wife. The foundation seeks to ease the lives of people in the communities it reaches out to. The JD holder attended the University of Michigan where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies. Eric Lefkofsky usually lectures University of Chicago the law students department. His vast experience has earned him a place in Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s board. The Institute of Chicago also has him as a Trustee for their School of Art.

Anil Chaturvedi: Seasoned Personnel in Banking

Anil Chaturvedi is a managing director at Hinduja Bank located in Geneva Area in Switzerland. His specialty is in banking. Anil Chaturvedi has also worked with Merrill Lynch, State Bank of India, and ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York among others. Anil Chaturvedi attended Delhi University. Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned banker with expertise in the area for more than forty years. He has worked in the leading banks in the world. Anil specializes in the area of private and corporate banking, corporate advisory, and investment banking. He conducts this on the special focus of managing cross-border transactions between India and Europe in specific.


He portrays a wide range of experiences and expertise in different capacities. Since 2011, Anil Chaturvedi works as the managing director of Hinduja Bank. His responsibility in the bank is to develop all corporate advisory businesses. This entails facilitation of cross-border alliances in different continents, mergers, and acquisitions, credit syndication, and sale & restricting of distressed assets. He also manages the strategies of raising capital from international organizations and institutional investors. Before joining Hinduja Bank, Anil served as international managing director of Merrill Lynch. Earlier on, he was the vice president and senior US operations representative of ANZ Grindlays in New York. In the frim, Anil’s role was to lead the operations of the bank. He was held accountable for all the marketing, product development and regulatory and compliance matters. Moreover, he develops leadership skills as well as forming beneficial bank models. Anil Chaturvedi career started out as a manager of development & planning department at State Bank of India. He was charged with the responsibilities of strategic planning as well as the execution of the marketing approaches. He led very successful implementations and marketing strategies that earned the company a lot of revenue. As a result, Anil Chaturvedi was honored with the Man of the year award.


Anil Chaturvedi has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Delhi University. In 1971 to 1973, Anil proceeded to receive his Masters in Bachelor of Arts in Financial Management from FMS, Delhi University. Anil is a man with rich skills and talents in more than 40 topics.

Stream Energy- Organization with Heart

Stream Energy is renowned for its generosity and philanthropy services towards the community of Dallas and nationally. The company helped to alleviate the homeless after the devastating Hurricane Harvey that dropped over 56 inches of hard rain across Houston and other surrounding neighbourhoods. The aftermath was people losing their properties, but Stream Energy was there to give a high hand of helping. The company used its yearly return to ensure their clients are safe and comfortable.

Stream Energy is a flourishing company that deals with energy sales, and it recently introduced the Stream Care to handle their philanthropy work. The company says that corporate philanthropy runs in the company DNA and believes the new charity foundation will formalise their ongoing locally and nationally charitable work. Stream Energy thinks that launching the company wing of philanthropy has the dual advantage to the company and also community. It states that giving back to the city brings out simultaneously earning loyalty and respect from public and clients. Corporate giving is highly and extensively publicised making it altruistic, but the C-levels executive embraces it as a practical buffer when business pitfall and scandals hit the company. It’s believed the American corporate are quite generous and in 2016 over $19 billion was donated to various national and international charities.

Stream Energy has long-term commitment and relationship with the Red Cross and the Habitats for Humanity to drive the local and also grassroots giving. The company uses a simple model of business through the selling of energy directly by paying their associates to build a network of devoted clients by delivering high-quality products and services. The Stream associates earn commission, and they choose a specific cause to support creating a chain of generosity.

Stream Energy is also deeply involved with taking care of the homeless. The company routinely track the homeless noting at least 24% increase in 2016, and it has teamed up with Hope Supply Co to provide clothing and other suppliers. The two companies covered the entrance fee for homeless children to have fun at Northern Texas Water Park putting a broad smile on their faces.

Ara Chakerian Providing Promise to Medical Technology Startups

Moving Free From Anxiety

Investors in healthcare in 2018 started to feel anxiety about the prevalent reports of a serious downturn in the medical sector. Ara Chakerian, who is known for his success in investing in health technology startups, had earlier decided to go mainstream with their health sector startups and found themselves free from anxiety about seeking early cashflow or the delays that come from IPOs.


Precision/Personalized Medicine has allowed Medicine to move beyond the anxiety of experimenting with personalized treatments to using big data and advanced medical technology to give precision/personalized medical treatment. You can check out Medium to know more.


The medical sector no longer look at precision/personalized medicine as only a place where research and studies are carried out but is emerging as a unique path to medical treatment and wellness. On the other hand, new medical technology startups still must face the large technology companies entering the healthcare space like Google, Apple and Amazon, whose R&R provides forces beyond smaller startups.


Ara Chakerian

Located in San Francisco, Ara Chakerian is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. With more than twenty years as an angel investor. His work as an investor has led to helping fund new medical technology startups which significantly disrupt the pharmaceutical sector, while at the same time offer new impetus to the medical sector. You can visit



For example, he has co-founded several companies that have given significant impact on medical imaging like MBC Diagnostics, which provides imaging services for medical diagnostic.

Ara Chakerian also co-founded TMS Health Solutions, which is located in California and provides health services solutions. Lastly, PipelineRx delivers Telepharmacy services and includes delivery of pharmaceuticals which do not have direct access to a pharmacist or pharmacy.

Ara Chakerian is now introducing medical technology that allows patients with mental illness to be treated more easily called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation thru his co-founded company TMS Health Solutions.


Philanthropic and Conservation


Ara Chakerian also assists youth education groups in Armenia, Nicaragua and the United States. Lastly, Mr. Chakerian is the co-founder of Limoapa Teak Farm in Nicaragua, which uses environmentally-friendly standards and adds jobs to the local community.



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How Fortress Investment Group Pioneered Its Way Through

You can look at the 20 year history of Fortress Investment Group and see that this is a private equity group with a story to tell. Anyone who cares to look at the history of this group can tell you they’ve done some serious work in helping the public earn more respect for private equity. In fact, Fortress Investment Group was the first private equity group to be publicly traded. That changed everything for the better when people finally realized there was a potential for profit and did what they could to help foster it for their own interests. With billions to prove their success, Fortress Investment Group has come a long way.

Fortress Investment has focused on a combination of liquid hedge funds, credit funds, and private equity to get them where they are. That combination has worked wonders for them and placed them in a place where few others are. They now control over $70 billion in assets and they have even more to grab. The ambition that has allowed them to reach where they are now is something everyone would like to have. It isn’t easy to make into the private equity world and it’s hard to get to the point that you have billions to work with. That happened over the course of a long time and it continues to grow. Hedge funds are some of the most difficult investment portfolios to manage. Only those who are top ranking investors can truly understand what it takes to do so.

Fortress Investment Group has gotten as far as it has today because it is able to pick itself up after a huge loss. The 2008 recession did considerable damage to Fortress Investment Group but the firm was able to recover because it focused on trying to give the world the best that it can offer. When you come in with that mindset it’s not hard to make a full recovery. You will always find great investors who want to partake in that and are willing to do everything they can to support it. Fortress Investment Group is designed in such a way that it can always weather any storm and will have investors lining up to join in. The last 20 years have been an amazing ride for Fortress Investment Group and there is certainly more for them ahead. Looking at the bright road ahead shows nothing but promise.

Philanthropist and Real estate Investor-Adam Milstein

For Adam Milstein; Israel and the Jewish people are in his blood and soul. Adam has had a long experience working for both for profit and non-profit organization in the United States of America. Mr. Milstein was raised in Haifa, Israel, and after his high school graduation, he joined the Israel Defense Force and served in Yom Kippur war. At the end of his service in the defense force; Adam Milstein joined college; Technion College. Later he married and together with his wife Gila they were blessed with children before moving to the United States of America to continue his education at Southern California Business School.

At the United States of America; Adam Milstein joined the real estate industry within a short period of time he established himself in the industry becoming a prominent sales person. Adam together with his wife Gila are one of the renowned philanthropist not only in the United States but as well as their home country Israel. Adam and Gila founded Adam and Gila family Foundation. The primary purpose of creating the foundation was to give support to organizations as well as other humanitarian groups that offer support to strengthen the Jewish people, the State of Israel as well as the United States –Israel connection. Since the beginning of his charitable activities, Adam Milstein has made a name for himself as an advocate of human rights as well as a philanthropist.

Adam Milstein has also established several other organizations to support the Jewish all over the world. Some of these organizations include; Israel-American Council which helps to promote the relationship between Israel and America. Adam Milstein programs, as well as foundations, are meant to positively impact Israel-Americans to have the knowledge of their Jewish culture. Adam has custom made the programs to fit children, teenagers, as well as different phases of adulthood. Mr. Milstein has been spreading his wisdom and skills through various channels including the Adam Milstein Podcast. The podcast features active conversations which engage pro-Israel, Jewish –American communities, as well as Israel-America. The conversations also involve policymakers, thinkers, and artists. Milstein and his foundation have positively affected the lives of the Jewish-Americans, as it preserves the Jewish culture among the Israel-Americans.


Richard Blair on the Three Pillars of Investing

When it comes to investing there’s no shortage of available advice, and much of it turns out to be less useful than promised. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, is aware of this circumstance, and simplifies the complex terrain of investment to offer up some sound advice on how to approach wealth management.


Through Wealth Solutions, Blair and his staff offer up solutions to help clients, grow, manage, and maintain their wealth by partnering them up with an advisor. The management of investments starts off with a financial planning system Blair implements with his clients. There’s simply no other way to meet financial goals without one.


Blair’s three pillars are at the heart of how Wealth Solutions looks at investments. This makes it easier on advisors to work with clients by identifying their current financial standing and the path that must be taken to make sure they have enough to math their retirement needs. But this isn’t formulaic. As each client’s financial standing differentiates them from one another, the three pillars offer up some malleability to change depending on their financial standing and needs.


Blair’s first pillar is making sense of the clients strengths when it comes to managing their finances, a reasonable approximation of their goals, and understanding their potential for returns. With this information in hand, a path can be determined by the advisor for the client to follow to reach their financial goals.


The second pillar is about strategy. With the needs of the client clearly defined, and the current market taken into consideration, the advisor can take the capital available for investment and best determine how to strengthen the client’s portfolio. This means determining how to reduce risk and maximize returns regardless of the current nature of the market.


Blair’s final pillar is making sure a client’s insurance needs are met, including manageable cost and proper coverage. This ensures care for long periods and equitable life insurance, covering two of the biggest costs retirees may accumulate as they get older.


About Richard Blair:


Richard Blair is an American financial advisor. Having graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, he founded his financial solutions firm Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas in 1994. Coming from a family of educators, Blair has made it a lifelong commitment to educating about the importance of wealth management while also helping them to navigate the complex investment market.


Christopher Burch: Burch The Billionaire

Chris is an inventor and an investor of a high caliber. He has been dabbling with the business since he was in college several years ago. Chris Burch is now valued at the net worth of a billion dollars which goes to show just how much he is into what he does and how successful he has been. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. It is the name of his brand development company that incubates all his other investments and is based out in New York.

He founded Tony Burch LLC. His stake in the company C. Wonder was what helped him achieve the billionaire status in 2012, and he is also an investor with the reputable Guggenheim Partners. When you combine all that, you get Burch the Billionaire.

The Fashion Industry and Burch

He started Eagle’s Eye Apparel while he was still at Ithaca College with his sibling brother Robert, they started by selling sweaters. His ambition was to make sweaters that were more preppy so that they could get the campus markets abuzz.

After that, the next ten years saw him expand the business to a value of over $140 million which was a far cry from what they had started. At that time, they had become a countrywide retailer with over 50 retail shops all over the country.

Moving On

In a $60 million deal, they sold the company to the Swire Group which sky rocketed him to the next steps that would make him the investor that he is today. Together with his wife, they were able to establish the fashion firm Tory Burch in 2004. He later sold half of his shares in that company and then launched Christopher Capital LLC which he later rebranded to be the Burch Creative Capital.

Now, it serves as the incubator for all his other investments. In 2011, he launched C. Wonder which dealt with home décor and fashion which he sold to the Xcel brand later for the deal that put him in the billionaire status.

Real Estate Investments

There is a hotel in Buenos Aires that he built with over $100 million, then he renovated house in New York selling it at $25 million as compared to the $14 Million that he paid to acquire it. As a real estate guru, he does fine.

He also founded a construction materials company that is doing well.

Other Interests

He was the producer of the romantic comedy film Watch It. He has made several other investments and is overall a clever guy.