This Is Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is now a strong central office with over 180 employees. Their momentum only generates more business traction. The team consists of members who are spread out across the planet. The agency got its start in the central location of Dallas, Tx. It operates out of offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Seoul and New York City.


But there’s much more to this agency then a great location and convenience.


The firm is independently-owned and managed. This has been the case for over 20 years and counting. James Dondero currently acts as the firm’s President and is also a co-founder who helped establish the financial management entity back the year of 1993. Since, the agency has grown substantially over the years.


Mark Okada partnered with James Donedero during the banks beginning stages and as a co-founder. The two effectively create a powerful management firm that’s respected all across the globe. But this isn’t an easy feat. It took time, patience, strategy and a lot of money to contain the firms current reputation.


The firm today offers seniors secured bank loans. It has affiliates and departments that have SEC registered clearance to advise clients held within the management agency’s portfolio.


Though the firm started in 1993, it didn’t truly take off until four years later in 1997 when Highland Capital Management became completly independent as a financial agency. Today, HCM retains its independent stance. This makes it a highly competitive firm and one to be respected in the financial industry.


Highland’s growth remains inline with its productivity. The more products and services it offers, the more of a market share it has within the financial world. Expansion is therefore directly related to the diversity of Highland Capital. So what we can expect in the future regarding the firm is more expansion.


And realize that the this firm is also registered properly and through every regulatory standard within U.S. and Texas law. This is somewhat of an insurance for investors who put their money into the firm and trust in the work they progress.