Richard Blair on the Three Pillars of Investing

When it comes to investing there’s no shortage of available advice, and much of it turns out to be less useful than promised. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, is aware of this circumstance, and simplifies the complex terrain of investment to offer up some sound advice on how to approach wealth management.


Through Wealth Solutions, Blair and his staff offer up solutions to help clients, grow, manage, and maintain their wealth by partnering them up with an advisor. The management of investments starts off with a financial planning system Blair implements with his clients. There’s simply no other way to meet financial goals without one.


Blair’s three pillars are at the heart of how Wealth Solutions looks at investments. This makes it easier on advisors to work with clients by identifying their current financial standing and the path that must be taken to make sure they have enough to math their retirement needs. But this isn’t formulaic. As each client’s financial standing differentiates them from one another, the three pillars offer up some malleability to change depending on their financial standing and needs.


Blair’s first pillar is making sense of the clients strengths when it comes to managing their finances, a reasonable approximation of their goals, and understanding their potential for returns. With this information in hand, a path can be determined by the advisor for the client to follow to reach their financial goals.


The second pillar is about strategy. With the needs of the client clearly defined, and the current market taken into consideration, the advisor can take the capital available for investment and best determine how to strengthen the client’s portfolio. This means determining how to reduce risk and maximize returns regardless of the current nature of the market.


Blair’s final pillar is making sure a client’s insurance needs are met, including manageable cost and proper coverage. This ensures care for long periods and equitable life insurance, covering two of the biggest costs retirees may accumulate as they get older.


About Richard Blair:


Richard Blair is an American financial advisor. Having graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, he founded his financial solutions firm Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas in 1994. Coming from a family of educators, Blair has made it a lifelong commitment to educating about the importance of wealth management while also helping them to navigate the complex investment market.


Bruce Levenson Isn’t Yet Finished In The Sale Of The Hawks Aftermath

Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) is in the middle of a court case regarding the sale they made back in early 2015. Bruce Levenson, along with the rest of AHBE decided to sell the team to Tony Ressler and several others, a transaction that was completed without any hitches, but they also had elected to buyout the contract for Danny Ferry, their former general manager. AHBE was enrolled under AIG insurance company at the time, and according to the policy they had at the time, the event of the sale entitled AHBE to file a claim with AIG to cover losses related to this buyout. But AIG is not honoring the claim so far, and Levenson and AHBE have decided to pursue legal action against them.

He is a graduate of Washington University as well as American University’s law school, as well as a former contributor to the now defunct Washington Star. He started his main business, Unified Communications Group right from his own apartment in 1977 when he published their first newsletter, Oil Express. The company grew into quite a large conglomerate of industry news, including energy, real estate, and technology.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, along with the Atlanta Thrashers who he sold off in 2011. He also has sat on the boards of many philanthropic organizations and non-profit groups, including starting the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. He’s been most passionate about the Holocaust Memorial Museum, to which he has donated and been active in its education programs, in part because his mother-in-law is a survivor who has told her story to others.