Shiraz Boghani – Service With A Smile

About Shiraz Boghani
A native Kenyan, Shiraz Boghani moved to the UK in 1969. He began his career as an accountant, but longed to do more than numbers. So he eventually ventured into the hospitality industry.

Currently, Shiraz Boghani is Chairman and Co-Founder of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Boghani is also a partner of Sussex Health Care Limited. He is the Director and Managing Partner of Splendid Hotels Group.

He now has several years of hospitality industry experience and manages close to 20 hotels in the UK. Shiraz Boghani recently received the Asian Business Award and the Hotelier of the Year Award. His strong suit is accounting, but he really is extremely passionate about the hospitality industry.

About Splendid Hospitality Group
Splendid Hospitality Group is UK’s fastest growing and popular hotel group. It is known for it’s beautifully designed hotels in the UK. The hotels are styled with luxury in mind, no matter if it is a luxury hotel or a limited service one. In addition, it has the backing support of famous brands such as IHG and Hilton, just to name a few.

About Other Ventures
His new upcoming project is the development and opening of the luxurious Hilton London Bankside in London. He has a host of other projects to increase his hotelier status in the UK. Shiraz Boghani has philanthropic ties to Aga Khan Foundation a charity organization. Boghani has always had an eye for making big moves to enhance his company.

Shiraz Boghani is the Co-Founder of Sussex Health Care, established in 1985. Sussex Health Care is a group of care homes for the elderly and the mentally ill. Boghani saw a need for this type of health care system; and created it with his partners. Boghani’s charity and entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. He is surely to continue giving to his community, increasing his hotelier business, and making health care homes available to those in need.

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