The Perfect EOS Lip Balm Flavor For Every Season

When EOS launched its signature spherical lip balm a couple years ago, nobody had expected the brand to take over and become the most coveted lip balm on the planet. Within years of the product hitting stores, celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian were spotted pulling EOS lip balm out of their purses. Thanks to features in high-fashion magazines, this drug store product was quickly elevated to cult status.

Much of the initial appeal of EOS lip balm is its fun, spherical shape. Whereas every popular lip balm company before EOS relied on the same cylindrical tube, EOS challenged the status quo by delivering a product that came in a fun, bright pastel ball. The actual lip balm manages to set itself apart from competitors as well by boasting natural ingredients and exciting flavors.

Speaking of exciting flavors, EOS offers such a wide variety of delicious flavors that we have composed the perfect guide to matching your lip balm to the season.

  1. Summer

Summer is an important time to keep lips moisturized as it’s easy to get dehydrated. There’s no better way to provide lips with much-needed moisture than by using EOS’ Honeysuckle Honeydew lip balm. The flavor is super refreshing and reminds us of playing outside in the summer as kids.


The deep red of the packaging and the complex, fruity flavors of EOS’ Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm make this product a perfect fit for moody and crisp Autumn weather.


Thanks to dry, cold weather, lips easily become chapped in the winter. Moisten your lips while getting into the holiday spirit with Sweet Mint lip balm. This cool and minty flavor will make you think that you are sucking on a candy cane.


Spring is about change and rediscovery. That means it’s time to switch up your lip balm flavor as well. EOS’ Stawberry Sorbet lip balm will make you feel like you are picking fresh strawberries on a cool spring day.

Raspberry variety:

EOS lip balms are available in top stores such as Well, Walmart, Target and Walgreens. EOS lip balms are also available online. They can be found on many websites such as, and