Premium Waters and Going to Waiakea

There is one interesting story when it comes to people and their journey to finding great water. This story has started when certain companies have been telling people that the water from the tap is not very healthy. This has led people to bottled water. Many people have been believing that they have been drinking cleaner and healthier water. However, there has been certain talk about the nature of plastic and the contaminants that come with it. Another thing that has been pointed out is that some of the water from the bottled water companies is even more acidic than some of the tap water that has been consumed. This has led people to search for enhanced waters.

One thing that attracted people to enhanced waters is the idea that the water they get from brands like Smartwater and similar brands have electrolytes that are going to replenish them even better than the regular water brands. However, certain issues have been revealed about brands like Smartwater. One thing that has been revealed is that the water is not that far from being acidic. Therefore, people who really want to have healthy water need to look into brands like Waiakea.

Waiakea’s story is that the water is filtered through the volcanic rocks into an aquifer. One thing that happens during the filtering is that the water gathers minerals. The best part is that it rains everyday in that area. Therefore, this company is sustainable. The water has a high alkalinity. This means that people are not only going to fully replenish and rejuvenate themselves, but they are also going to be able to keep themselves healthy. They may also experience some anti-aging benefits from Waiakea as they continue to live a lifestyle that is very healthy. Waiakea is the best water for people who want something premium.

Organo, Awesome Beverage Company

Organo is a famous beverage company. They have amazing fabulous tasting drinks that have great health benefits. Organo is mainly known for the coffees and teas; however, they have other products on that are produced by them as well.

Organo produces different health and body management products in order to help individuals reach their daily goals. They sale natural detoxes that are great for cleansing the body. Their health drinks come in many different flavors so that your health journey won’t become boring. Their flavors come in a variety of pink lemonade, rich chocolate, mango peach, grape seed oil, creamy vanilla, and many other flavors as well. In addition to these products, Organo also has toothpaste and soaps to improve their customers personal experience while grooming themselves. Organo ‘s toothpaste is not like most of their competitors toothpastes. Their tooth paste is a beautiful honey sand color with an amazing mint scent. The tooth paste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and great. The soap from Organo Gold is also one of a kind. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Three bars of soap comes with one order and it is absolutely worth it. Read the reviews at

Like most beverage companies, Organo has many different coffee and tea flavors. However, Organo is different because their teas has the ingredient of Organic Ganoderma inside of them. Organic Ganoderma is extremely beneficial for health. It has been proven to improve the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, it gives immune system support, and it also can prevent cancer.


Organo allows people to be able to provide themselves an additional income as well. Organo lets people who are interested become independent distributors. The company makes it extremely affordable to start business. You are not required to have a sponsor to get started. Over the years Organo has helped many people have great success stories. Shop now at

IDLife: A Leader Company In Health And Wellness

About IDLife

Individually Designed Life, IDLife, is an organization that markets health and wellness products. The company seeks to provide customized products, that improve the health of each customer. The founder of IDLife, Logan Stout, believed that people`s nutritional needs are different because everyone is unique. The company is headquartered in Frisco, Texas.

IDLife has a free website program, where customers can visit and fill their health assessments. The software generates recommendations, that customize vitamin and treatment programs, according to individual needs. The questionnaires are simple to follow and answer. The online program complies with HIPAA guidelines, which means that confidential and sensitive information is protected.

IDLife Products

IDLife products contain several nutritional supplements, that are used to treat various ailments. It is, however, crucial for everyone to check with a primary care doctor regarding serious diseases. The company provides a 30-day warranty for its products.

IDLife provides a variety of products that are designed to treat a wide range of conditions. IDLife Skin Care is formulated to provide a 24-hour anti-aging medication. IDLife Kid is a remedy designed to help growing children, to remain healthy. IDLife EnergyShot offers additional strength, without leaving any burn effects or extra calories that are common with most energy drinks. Other common products include sleep, shake, nutrition and appetite control medication.

IDLife Compensation Program

Entrepreneurs can start home-based businesses with the organization. IDLife Compensation plan includes weekly, monthly and quarterly payment. Retail profit, first start bonus and business builder bonus are paid on a weekly basis. Residual income, volume patch, rank advancement bonus and car bonus are settled monthly. Global pool income is compensated quarterly.

Partnership with Garmin

Logan stout recently announced Garmin`s partnership with IDLife. Garmin is an organization that develops the best GPS devices in the world. The firm also manufactures wearable fitness gadgets, such as Garmin Vivo fitness tracker. The two companies partnered because of their common belief, that health and wellness do not only entail weight management and nutrition. Logan Stout hopes to utilize the innovative ideas offered by Garmin, to provide better and advanced products.

Learn more about IDLife:

Livio Bisterzo The Man Behind The Healthy And Nutritious Hippeas Chickpea Snack

A product that makes sense to consumers and still adds value to the environment is that which drove Livio Bisterzo and his team to come up with Hippeas Chicklet snack. Having been in the food industry for years, Mr Livio Bisterzo has a great understanding of foods and the meaning they have to consumers. He knows better to introduce a product that resonates with the consumers in terms of health and also delicious to eat.

Hippeas is the first product to be launched by the Green Parks Brand company, launched by Mr. Bisterzo. The product took a while to be launched as the team worked so hard to get the perfect taste design and flavors for the product. However, they knew well that they wanted to introduce a product that has zero gluten, no additive and organic, which was targeted to the millennial who are careful of what they eat.

The product has received so much love and reviews from customers. The product has impressed Starbucks and two of their flavors have been added to the company’s grab and go snack section. Carolynn Chinn, an executive of Starbucks adds that the company seeks products that have positive reviews and those that customers are constantly seeking and add them to their assortment snacks sections.

Hippeas ( was a thoroughly thought out product. There was plenty of creativity used to come with the product and also to sell it. Mr. Bisterzo adds that they wanted to introduce a creative product that was of value in terms of nutrition and unique but still did not go over and beyond what consumers are used to. They market the product to millennial by using creative slogans that will stick to their ears. He spends a great deal of time on understanding the customers and trying to satisfy their needs.

Bisterzo graduated from London University of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management. He has worked for several food companies including Alvaro Group and Little Miracle Drinks. For close to seven years working in the industry he has gained a great deal of knowledge about the industry, how to analyze customers and involving creativity and technology in the process. Livio Bisterzo founded the Green Park Brands Inc where he is the chief executive officer. With his knowledge he has led the company in the production and launch of Hippeas a product that is doing pretty well in the industry.

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