Eric Lefkofsky’s Firm Releases Tempus Labs Medical App

In October 2018, Tempus Inc. released Tempus Labs, a medical app that could help doctors to access their patients’ clinical information quickly and securely. The announcement came a few weeks after the company publicized that they had raised $110 million from their series E fundraiser.

Doctors can download the Tempus Labs mobile app from Google Play or APP store. On the other hand, Tempus Incorporation gives the app as a bonus to doctors who purchase its xT, xO, and xE validated assays used in the diagnosis of cancer.

The mobile app can generate the patients’ clinical information, and it can propose the various clinical trials which the patient is eligible. Tempus Incorporation’s chief operating officer said that the app could help physicians to access Tempus Inc.’s platform from any location.

In particular, the app was more important for those doctors who were too busy to access Tempus’ platform using a computer. Tempus’ chief operating officer added that the ease of access to a patient’s critical clinical information would help the doctors make sound treatment judgments.

Apart from the mobile app, Tempus Inc.’s management confirmed that they had raised $110 million from their August 2018 fundraiser. They planned to use the funds in improving their operations, as well as extending their capabilities to new medical research areas.  A Memoir of Eric Lefkofsky– one of the executives behind the success of Tempus Inc

Eric Lefkofsky is Tempus’ co-founder and chief executive officer. He co-founded the company with the aim of improving the quality of healthcare services offered to people living with various types of cancer.

Tempus Incorporation works with a team of technologists and medical experts who specialize in biological modeling, clinical data structuring, and genomic sequencing. Also, the team develops an array of analytic tools that improve patient outcomes.

Apart from the executive role in Tempus Incorporation, Eric Lefkofsky runs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charity supports various causes that improve the living standards of the less privileged people in the society. Some of the typical causes backed by Eric’s foundation are medical research, human rights, cultural initiatives, quality education, and poverty alleviation.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex Health Care And His Expertise

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is among the few essential personalities who have been assuming a vital role in Sussex Health. His work has spread over a few distinct establishments for which he could upgrade his notoriety and ability. The aptitudes he procured at school have helped him to wind up as an influential figure in medicinal world.

Sussex Healthcare was established three decades back, and it is one of the highest private care programs that organize their patients’ satisfaction. Besides housing and dinners, the well-being organization likewise gives instructive and recreational exercises both on location and around the neighborhood network.

Sussex Health Care is among the organizations in the advanced market that have been built up with the goal that they can offer their administrations to the elderly individuals living in the surroundings. The establishment has been in the focused part for some time now, and it has developed as a standout amongst the best.

Sussex Healthcare’s specialists give nonstop help to patients using best in class advances and drugs in the open to a setting. At Sussex, special watch over the elderly with physical and mental activities is given. Dr. Shafik Sachedina should be proud with his part at Sussex Health Care.

One of his principal functions is to ensure that all patients get the best medical care administrations and personal satisfaction. To achieve this, Dr. Shafik Sachedina provides that the majority of his staff and experts are prepared enough for their duty.

There are a few people known for business achievement. On the other hand, an unusual few can be well known for their performance in business and in addition to the universe of research. With reference to Dr. Shafik Sachedina, discovering success in the two fields has turned out to be natural. His administration has helped Sussex Healthcare grow and give care to many of their inhabitants.

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Sightsavers Strives to Protect Sight and Personal Dignity

In its second year, London’s charity “pub run” raised 2500 pounds. Twelve men ran from Finchley Central to Camden, stopping at several pubs along the way. These runners had decided that if they won, they would donate the money to Sightsavers, a non-profit international organization that works to prevent diseases that cause blindness. It also strives for the equal treatment of people and the social inclusion of those with visual impairments and other disabilities.


The Londoners’ choice of Sightsavers came about after they learned of Laurinda, a young woman in Mozambique whose vision was restored because Sightsavers provided an operation to remove her cataracts. These pub runners then decided to raise money themselves for this charitable organization. One runner, Kalpesh ‘Kalps’ Patel, said, “None of us knew Laurinda, but … [W]e were running for Laurinda and the countless numbers like her all around the developing world.” After winning the race, the men made toasts to Laurinda. They also toasted Sightsavers for giving her a second chance in life.

An organization founded by Sir John Wilson, who was blinded by an explosion in a chemistry class when he was twelve, Sightsavers International provides visual aid to many in third-world countries. After much research in eye health and neglected tropical diseases, Sightsavers has been able to combat preventable blindness by treating over 200 million people for infectious eye diseases such as trachoma and river blindness, along with other eye conditions such as cataracts. Sightsavers continues its work toward freeing generations in developing countries from the threat of blindness by implementing the SAFE strategy, which is endorsed by the World Health Organization. This strategy combines the elements of surgery, antibiotics, face-washing, and environmental improvements. By following this strategy, the spread of eye disease has been stopped in the country of Oman, and it is confirmed trachoma-free.


With the mission of eliminating preventable blindness and providing support for those who are incurably blind, Sightsavers has treated over 200 million people and carried out over 7 million operations. To accomplish its work, Sightsavers partners with thousands of people who provide training for community health workers in over 30 African, Asian, and Caribbean countries. These workers go to remote villages and diagnose existing eye problems. If villagers need surgery, they are sent in Sightsavers’ vehicles to local hospitals for the necessary operations. Also, in Africa Sightsavers’ local partners train volunteers on ways to distribute the drug Ivermectin. This drug prevents river blindness, an eye infection spread by the bite of the blackfly that has been infected by a particular parasitic worm. Indeed, Sightsavers brings hope to countries in need.

Love Your Heart with Life Line Screening Cardiovascular Scan

Our hearts work hard ensuring that our bodies get the necessary oxygen and nutrients every day. A terrific way to love your hardworking heart is to undergo an easy-to-do cardiovascular scan offered and administered by Life Line Screening. Many recognize this company that delivers preventative health screens in community setups. Anyone interested in these screens should contact this healthcare organization online through their informative and engaging website. Life Line Screening is currently focusing much effort in lowering the grave risks for men and women in this country at high risk for a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiovascular event.

Those at Life Line Screening are fully invested in educating everyone on the steps to take for avoiding significant cardiovascular disease issues. Currently, this deadly disease takes the most toll of any other harmful disease. Both men and women are at high risk of cardiac events if they have a family history of this disease. These risks go up if these individuals also have a personal history of either a heart attack or have high risk lifestyles known to contribute to the disease. These bad lifestyle habits include being overweight, eating high fat diets and failing to make time for regular exercise.

Those that agree to have these beneficial screens for heart disease, are more likely to lower their chances of heart attacks. This is dependent on whether they make healthier lifestyle adjustments. The cardiovascular scan that Life Line Screening is actively promoting is available due to a beneficial arrangement between this screening organization and an esteemed medical device manufacturer. This device is far less expensive, is easily moved between sites, is user-friendly and gives an accurate cardiovascular picture for its smaller size. There are no hassles, frustrating pretesting requirements and the scan is never painful. The staff from Life Line Screening can provide patients with more remarkable details.

It is hoped that less Americans will die from a heart attack this year. Life Line Screening employees are firm believers in health education. This group provides many screening and testing procedures able to determine health status. More people are wanting to learn about their healthcare. Life Line Screening staff always will explain this test and others during the appointment time. This preventative healthcare testing outfit are overjoyed that recent studies on their programs are indicating that more people feel led to change their lives after undergoing this noninvasive cardiovascular scan.

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David Samadi, the multi-talented medical practitioner

Dr. David Samadi is a distinguished medical practitioner and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital which is based in New York City. Dr. Samadi also serves as Chairman of Urology in the same hospital. He is especially well versed in diagnosing and in turn treating urologic infections and bladder cancer. Dr. Samadi has also successfully diagnosed and treated a number of prostate cancer and kidney cancer patients from all around the world. He is particularly credited with having conducted several minimally invasive procedures successfully on patients suffering from prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in biochemistry and later went in for the Doctor of Medicine from the same university’s school of medicine. With this foundation, Dr. Samadi went for further training at the Albert Einstein College and Montefiore Medical center where he got more postgraduate training while at the same time gaining much-needed experience from the best in the industry. Given Dr. Samadi’s keen interest in matters urology, he went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he attended and participated in a fellowship in proctology. In 2001, Dr. Samadi flew to Creteil, France for another fellowship only that this time it was focused on robotic radical prostatectomy. The fellowship was hosted by the Henri Mondor Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi has had a stellar professional career of over 20 years working for various organizations of repute at holding several significant positions. This has seen him travel all around the world performing operations while also helping impart his unique skills to budding medical practitioners. In the year 2007, Dr. Samadi rose to the position of Vice Chair of the Department of Urology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine before moving to Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi strongly believes that young people are better placed at furthering the quest for the eradication of all types of cancers from the face of the world and this informed his decision to work as a professor of Urology at Hofstra University’s LIJ School of Medicine.

Dr. David Samadi’s talents are not just limited to matters medicine and urology, this was clearly demonstrated when he served as a host for a TV show on the Fox News Channel for 5 years. The show was known as “Sunday Housecall” and was largely associated with giving medical advice to viewers on different aspects of health.

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Quality Preventive Health Care by Life Line Screening Company

Preventive health care has gained popularity especially in the current society. The modern world is quite health-conscious. It is very important to engage in preventive health because it gives you some peace of mind to know your body is functioning normally.

Furthermore, it gives you the chance to identify any conditions you might have early enough before they reach to un-manageable levels. At the forefront of this is Life Line screening, an Austin based company that caters for disease prevention and wellness support in society. Founded in 1993, the company is very popular especially with screening services that are based at community levels in United States of America.

Services at Lifeline Screening are offered with outmost quality and professionalism. The team of the well-trained technologists is meant to ensure seamless operations. In fact, most of the screenings are done aiming to acquire close to zero disturbance to the patient.

As much as various screenings may require different types of preparations, you will find that majority of procedures have very minimal preparations making it very convenient. In addition, adequate information is availed on some of the things to expect when going for the screenings to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Preventive health screenings are broadly categorized into 3 as follows:

 Ultrasound screenings

This is a very common type of screening, also known as Sonography. It uses the power of sound waves to bring out the picture of various internal body structures. From the sound waves, the echoes received give the picture of the part of the body under review.At Lifeline Screening, sonography is performed with the modern equipment designed to offer the most accurate results. It also ensures that the procedure is as painless as possible and done in a way that does not invade your privacy at all.

 Finger-stick blood screenings

This is another screening type common at Life Line Screening whereby a few drops of blood are taken through pricking the finger. This is used in testing for conditions such as heart disease. It is also used to test for diabetes. It is quite non-invasive and requires very little preparation. From this, you can have several blood screenings with the state-of-art equipment that are fully approved by FDA.

 Limited electrocardiograph

With the increased prevalence of heart conditions, Life Line Screening avails EKG electrode screenings aiming to detect any irregularities in heartbeat. It is highly non-invasive as well and very accurate in its results generation.

As the saying goes therefore, prevention is better than cure. Make an appointment to visit Life Line Screening for quality care and peace of mind.

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The Leadership Approaches of Doctor Rick Shinto

Doctor Rick Shinto, the CEO of InnovaCare Inc, has specific approaches he uses to manage the organization. He has managing strategies that work well for him because since he became the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Inc. things have worked out for the best and it is currently the best Medicare and Medicaid in Puerto Rico. Residents of Puerto Rico appreciate the positive changes that have been brought by Rick Shinto in terms of medical services. The positive changes by Rick caused most of the Puerto Ricans to seek medical services from InnovaCare. Approximately 70% of the residents seek medical services from InnovaCare and no other healthcare institutions. The percentage gives a clear impression that InnovaCare provides the best medical services in the region so far.

One of the best leadership approaches used by Rick Shinto is that he supports team work. He does not leave all the responsibilities to his employees. Even though he is he CEO of the company, he also takes his time to offer support to the employees. This is one of the major aspects that have promoted growth and major progress in the company. Team work leads to success and it is exactly what InnovaCare has achieved. Since Rick took over as the CEO the company has been successful and is looking forward to achieving success even in the future. Rick sets time to ensure he works together with his employees and he expects maximum cooperation from them.

The other aspect Rick takes into close consideration at work is quality. As the president of the company he does not take anything less than quality services from Penelope Kokkinides. As an individual who has well-rounded experience in medical career, he knows how important healthcare is. For this reason, he makes certain that all patients receive quality medical services. Offering quality services is also another factor that has made most of the Puerto Rican residents to seek medical services from InnovaCare Health Company. Clients like to attend institutions where they receive quality services especially in serious matters such as healthcare. InnovaCare has proven to maintain quality, making the residents feel protected when they are attended to.