IAP Worldwide Services – Global Logistics Provider for Defense

A global logistics provider for defense, IAP Worldwide Services is committed to providing the highest standard of service to their customers in the most ethical way possible. The company is driven by a clear mission and vision, and has it’s origin in providing services to space launches. The company is there to make sure that all military and government missions go off without a hitch in over 25 countries around the world with the assistance of 2,000 employees. The company is able to engage with their clients to prevent the unexpected from happening as they have more than likely already planned for it.

IAP Technologies has also recently made an acquisition of two business units from another firm, DRS Technologies. These two business units will enable IAP Worldwide to expand their capabilities to provide Aircraft repair services and IT services. With the increased capacity, IAP Worldwide Services will then have the capability to provide more services to their customers around the world. The idea is that the organic growth provided by acquiring these business units will push the business forward and ensure that the company is able to acquire more customers. Lean operations, customer focus, and integrating companies will allow the company to grow faster and more efficiently.

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The biggest distinguisher which separates IAP Worldwide Services from all other global logistics companies which are in a similar position is their commitment to ethics. As a responsible customer, they are always looking to enhance that partnership they have with their clients by leadership, mission, and values. They only do things in a moral manner so as to avoid putting both civilians and troops into harm’s way whenever possible. This includes a commitment to the environment, veterans, and communities.

Another notable area for the company is that they are in a unique position of being able to create jobs for returning veterans. The company on prnewswire.com sees the skills that veterans bring to the table as being an asset, since they are familiar with the environment that IAP Worldwide provides service. Veterans skills are there to provide the leadership that the company needs at critical times. There are plenty of great careers available at IAP worldwide for people of a variety of skill sets. These careers include openings for: budget analysts, customer service, Human Resources, Air Traffic Managers, Electricians, IT Specialists, and more.

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