Successful Career Of David McDonald, The President Of OSI Group

Early Life of David McDonald

The fertile land of Lowa is the birthplace of a unique gem in the entrepreneurship world. The name gem is an indication of a very hard working individual who is committed to his company’s growth. David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI Group. He is the brain behind the success and growth of a company that is controlling more than 20,000 employees globally.

When he was young growing in the valleys of Lowa, David developed an interest in Agriculture because of the years of experience he had while working at their family’s farms. His parents were not as wealthy as they wanted to be but they were David’s most significant mentors. They ensured he gets a good education which would enable him to move around the world seeking better opportunities to work. He joined the prestigious Lowa University in 1987 where he pursued a bachelors degree in Animal Science.

After his studies, David McDonald relocated to Chicago where he joined the OSI Group in 1991. Through his hard work and commitment, he was able to rise through various ranks of leadership. Today, he occupies the office of the President and the Chief Operating Officer. The Lowa graduate is now serving and managing more than 20,000 staff and hundreds of thousands of clients in 17 countries. Due to his leadership skills, he has achieved to receive an award which was honored by Wallace E. Barron because of his outstanding achievements.

OSI Group also happens to be among the world’s leading suppliers of value-added proteins like pizza, sausage links, beef patties, and even sandwiches. The company has currently 80 facilities that are distributed across the world. China alone leads with eight facilities, and he is now working towards making OSI Group China’s largest poultry products producer. That is why the company has created a venture with DOYOO Group and subsequently launching a mega plant in Henan province.

The company under the leadership of David McDonald has been able to generate a lot of profits from their activities and has been able to successfully expand their Beef Processing Factory in 2012 so that they could manage to meet the rising demand. In India, they have also managed to build a state of the art food miller in Shandong. Their annual capacity snow estimated to be 600,000 metric tons. They also have other mega projects in Hungary and Geneva as well.

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Mina Ebrahimi Encourages People To Take Responsibility Seriously

Mina Ebrahimi is not only a successful entrepreneur but is also someone who takes her responsibilities seriously. She encourages others to take their responsibilities seriously. One thing that she is encouraging people to do is take personal responsibility in their work performance. This includes showing up on time and doing all of the tasks. Sometimes, this means going above and beyond the tasks. The same can be said for an entrepreneur. It is important for the entrepreneur to make sure that she is on time for what she aims to do so that she will get everything done and on time.


Another thing that is responsible for an entrepreneur to do is organize every aspect of her day. For instance, setting up a schedule is going to be very helpful for getting everything done. In order to set up the schedule, it is important for the entrepreneur to make sure that she is making progress. Sometimes, this means pacing herself. While people are praised for being hard workers, the most productive and effective person is the one who is organized in his efforts. Therefore, it is up to the worker to make sure that he has everything planned out.


Mina Ebrahimi is willing to help people work out some kind of plan that can help them get everything done. When a workplace is organized, then people are more likely to get everything done for the day. People who are working frantically and chaotically throughout the day are like people who sprint in place. One of the issues with clutter is that it can set people back a little. For those who are responsible, one of the secrets to their responsibility is that they are structured. With the right type of structure, people can not only achieve their daily goals but also make progress.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain Has Completed An Expansion To Increase Their Production

A high capacity line for production has been added to the operations of OSI Food Solutions in Spain. This required an investment of €17 million to increase current production of processed chicken products. This has been increased from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000 tons. This means OSI Food Solutions can produce in excess of 45,000 tons of quality chicken, beef and pork products every year. The increased services and production lines have established twenty new positions including product development manager. This represents a substantial increase in the 140 employees. The product development manager will ensure improvements to the product line as well as product development and dedicated leadership.

José María del Río manages the OSI Food Solutions facility in Spain. He stated the expansion of the plant was necessary due to the high demand for chicken products all over Portugal and Spain. The yearly increase during the last ten years has been over six percent. The past three years have seen a yearly increase of eight percent. He believes this demand will continue to grow and says they are ready for the expected numbers. The expansion included refrigerated areas, a production hall, new storage facilities and an area for the employees to relax. The kitchen has been updated to provide consumers and clients with updated services.

David McDonald made a statement for OSI Food Solutions. He said the expansion has enabled the company to expand their portfolio with additional products, increase their key retail accounts and support their long term clients. He is excited about the project and the new jobs and additional capacity it represents. A surveillance and firefighting system were also included in the upgrades. OSI Food Solutions has extremely high requirements for sustainability. This was taken into consideration when the expansion was planned. The efficiency of the operation has been improved from decreasing electricity to conserving water.

OSI Food Solutions Spain has made a strong commitment to sustainability, employment and developing agricultural resources. This was recognized by the regional government. This was the reason the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund granted OSI Food Solutions €1.5 million for the project. OSI Food Solutions Spain was also honored with an award in February of 2016 for their commitment to their employees from the local Chamber of Commerce. The Spain facility opened their doors in 1990. They have since expanded their production of high quality meat products as well as their employee base.

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The Expansion Of OSI Industries Has Proved To Be A Glorious Success

Baho Food is a meat processing, private Dutch company. The controlling stake has been acquired by OSI Industries. The company services the retail and food services industries. Baho Foods has five subsidiary companies operating in both the Netherlands and Germany. This includes Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Bakx Foods. These businesses have been selling deli products such as deli meats, snacks and convenience foods for nearly sixty years throughout eighteen European countries.

OSI Industries President is David McDonald. He stated the company’s European presence has been extended due to the acquisition of Baho Food. OSO Industries has placed their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. He believes their product portfolio has been complimented by Baho Food due to the expansion of their capabilities and increased processing strengths. This enables the company to meet their customer’s evolving needs. OSI Industries intends to retain the original staff of Baho Food.

The Managing Director of Baho Food is John Balvers. He is going to be staying with the business with his entire team of management. They will be working with OSI Industry’s senior leaders for the implementation of a plan for the future to establish long term growth for the combined businesses. John Balvers is excited about his future with OSI Industries. He spoke of the excellent relationships retained with the suppliers and customers. Baho Food is now in an excellent position to leverage the capabilities and experience of OSI Industries. Customers will receive even better support due to the broader portfolio of products and the new strategy.

OSI Industries has also purchased a Chicago food plant previously owned by Tyson. In addition the company has also boosted their chicken product output with a high capacity line for production. The improvements made to the plant in Spain cost OSI Industries $17 million Euros. The yearly capacity of the plant was 12,000 tons. This figure has been doubled by the improvement. The increased production of chicken provides OSI Industries with a better overall output. This is extremely important for the business.

An OSI Industries executive in Spain estimates the capacity of the company regarding production will be 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products yearly. This has helped the company while adding twenty jobs to the local economy. One of the new positions is in management for product development. This involves developing new products while improving the products already produced by the company.

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