Fortress Investment Group’s Growth Continues

Since the time it began, Fortress Investment has for a long time been setting the pace in the industry. The company has expanded over the years; the company is administering assets totaling over forty-three billion dollars. 1750 investors are linked with the company getting services in hedge funds, permanent capital vehicle and private equity. The company guarantees strong risk-adjusted returns for investors who have long-term ambitions. The leadership provided by the management is solid. Two of the top executive were founder members. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. All the founding members have been with the company providing the much needed personal touch needed during the initial stages.

The founders had previously worked together which created ready chemistry. They also brought with them sound expertise and deep experience from well-known companies such as BlackRock Financial Management, the Goldman Sachs, and UBS. Fortress Group grew rapidly, and in 2007, it was among the first of its kind in New York to go public in the stock exchange. Fortress Investment Group’s main goal at the time was to provide an alternative-asset strategy that upgrades private equity into advanced capital vehicles. The core areas of specialization are clearly defined as; asset-based investing, operation management, corporate mergers, sector-specific knowledge and capital markets. Fortress has created investing and innovative mechanisms which make value extraction from its investments very efficient.

Recently, Softbank Group Corp acquired shares in Fortress Investment Group. The move is set to make Fortress Investment Group operate within SoftBank but independently based in New York. SoftBank has however insisted that leadership will remain in place to ensure certainty and continuity of success. The culture and business model is also set to be retained. Peter Briger will continue as the Co-chairman, and Randal Nardone continues as the CEO. Two decades of operation has seen Fortress Investment Group gain experience in managing acquisitions and mergers. The interaction and network that personnel from Fortress enjoy with a variety of corporate stakeholders, board members, and management professionals. The clientele that deals with Fortress Investment trust the company because of its impeccable track record in managing portfolio companies.


Choosing the Right Bank For Your Needs

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