Importance of Freedom Checks

A different tax plan was passed, and this is beneficial to the companies since their coffers will expand since the tax breaks are coming. The American taxpayers as well look forward to the increase of money in their bank accounts when $34.6 billion will be paid out in the subsequent month. This means that a significant number of Americans anticipate the cash that they will get because of single simple investment tactic. Visit the website to learn more.

The person who introduced the Freedom checks is known as Matt Badiali. He did it in a video to let the whole world know each person can benefit from the tests. The age, the amount of money people make, and the cash they have in the bank don’t matter when it comes to benefiting from the checks. Everybody can begin to collect the checks in July though they will have to be put in place in the market before date 1 in July.

Matt Badiali added that since the new tax plan is out, the private Freedom Checks program can become the most massive money grab in history. To participate in this program, approximately 90 per cent of the firm’s returns have to come from different sectors such as storage, transportation, processing as well as the production of the natural resources. In case the firm fits the above description, then it must supply its profit to the stakeholders it has in Freedom Checks.



Unlike the people who think that the United States government does not give the Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali believes that approximately not less than $34.6 billion value of the checks will be out by the end of June. He thinks that the government has even more potential of offering the monthly payments that are more than anything that a lot of people can expect to receive from the programs of the government such as the social security.

Just as the other investment opportunity that provides typically good and proven profitability, all the investors should dedicate their time and effort in learning and understanding how the Freedom Checks work. The order number one of the business is entirely getting rid of the idea of the checks. Matt Badiali stresses in his eye-opening newsletter known as the Real Wealth Strategist that no one can expect to start getting the checks without first acquiring the knowledge terms and conditions behind them. This means they must learn about the Statute 26-F and the master limited partnerships. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Wes Edens Successful On Several Courts

Wes Edens applied his reading, writing and arithmetic skills and other academic and business acumen throughout his professional life serving him well. Mr. Edens earned a B.S. in Business from Oregon State University. During the 1990s, Wes Edens established his professional credentials in money management working for Lehman Brothers, BlackRock and the Swiss Bank UBS before co-founding Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is married and has one son and two daughters. Incidentally, his daughter Mallory, has expressed interest in owning the NBA New York Knicks someday. According to totals by Forbes, in 2016 and 2017, the Knicks were the most valued NBA team at an estimated $3 billion.

At the time the current team owner appeared disinterested to initiate a sale. In 2016, “Bizjournals” reported that Wes Edens total take-home pay from all consolidated income was an estimated $54 million. Moreover, at one point he held a reported 63 million shares of stock in Fortress Investment Group. Dividends were figured into his total take-home pay. Mr. Edens co-founded Fortress around 1998, and in 2007, it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. He served as co-chairman of the company, and also a position on the seven member company board. In 2014, Mr. Edens co-invested in the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, which sold for a reported $400 million.

Moreover, a new arena was built to boost attendance and to serve as a venue for off-season activity such as concert performances. The Bucks last had a championship team in the 1970s. Mr. Eden’s mother is a native Wisconsonian. Mr. Edens is involved with the Milwaukee community. He provides team players of financial advisement towards income investment. He also appears at middle school and senior high schools in the area as a motivational speaker to students, and will occasionally have a handful of students attend a home game. One of his cliches is, “This isn’t a movie, this is your life.”

Matt Badiali: Platinum Is Poised for Strong Growth

Banyan Hill Publishing Company is well known for producing some of the most widely read investment advice articles in the United States of America. Matt Badiali has been a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company for a number of years. He has over 20 years of experience investing in the natural resources industries. He is also a trained scientist and has graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Master’s degree in geology. He is the lead editor for Real Wealth Strategist where he advises his readers on potential investment opportunities that he has found within the natural resources and commodities industries. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

He is currently written about some recent trends that he has taken note of in the platinum and palladium markets. Both of these metals have important uses within the economies of the developed world. Palladium has seen a price increase of more than 100% since 2016 thanks to rising demand that has quickly outstripped its supply. Just the same as any other investment as demand outpaces supply the price of the investment will grow very quickly.

The biggest and perhaps arguably most important factor in the increasing demand for the market of Palladium is the automobile industry. Vehicles consume 80% of the palladium supply. Palladium is used primarily in catalytic converters. A catalytic converter is used in order to chemically alter pollutants that are present in the exhaust into less toxic compounds. Platinum has been used for the same purpose in the past but due to its rising price Palladium was used as a replacement. Platinum is still used in most diesel engines.


Thanks to the rising popularity of gasoline engines Palladium is now more expensive per ounce than platinum. It is important to take note of the trends and prices of the two metals. Palladium has experienced quite a bit of growth in the past year; however, platinum has not. Matt Badiali believes that this is an important indicator that in the near future platinum prices will increase. In the past, it was possible by 2 ounces of Palladium with just 1 ounce of platinum. As of today, this trend has been reversed. However, the supply of platinum is continuing to decrease as most of the precious metals supplies are found in only a few mines which are quickly running out of stock. By synthesizing all of the available data, it is quite easy to see that platinum is one of the biggest potential growth sectors of the commodities market today. Read this article at Banyan Hill.