Infinity Group Australia Creative Financial Solution Approach Makes It AFR’s 58th Most Innovative Company

Australia’s Infinity Group has secured the 58th spot on the Australian Financial Review’s list recognizing the most innovative companies in New Zealand and Australia. Out of thousands of companies nominated, Infinity Group Australia made its way to the top 100 companies due to their five-year success in helping ordinary Australians with their financial matters.




With only half a decade in the financial sector, Infinity Group Australia reviews show exponential growth of the firm in relation to financial services. The firm focuses on helping ordinary Australians reduce their burden of debt. It helps them in the management of personal finance and betters their future as well.




For seven years, AFR has been publishing the prestigious top 100 list annually with the aid of financial experts. Any company that makes its way to the list is selected from a pool consisting of at least a thousand firms. The nomination and ranking criteria based on organizational customer support, the innovative approaches, how unique the company’s solutions are and their impact, and the strategy employed in the creative process.




With this recognition, Infinity Group Australia settles inside the pool consisting of top 5.8% of the most innovative companies across New Zealand and Australia. In the night event held on 30th July 2018, the firm’s founder Graeme Holm received the awards with honor.




Holm not only thanked AFR and Inventium for the coveted recognition but also acknowledged his team for having a unique financial approach. This uniqueness has placed his firm on a rapid growth scale after he founded the company alongside Rebecca Walker in 2015. Infinity Group Australia reviews also show a rapid expansion of the company. For instance, the Bella Vista-based company’s co-founder was recognized as one of the top hundred brokers according to MPA.




In a nutshell, Infinity Group Australia helps ordinary citizens in their financial matters and wealth creation approaches. Besides, clients get practical tips on securing their future. The company approaches its service delivery techniques by building trustworthy relations with clients, guiding their customers in budgeting, and providing useful tips for families on the mortgage management. These innovative approaches make the company a personal financial advisor with a passion for serving everyday Australians. Learn more :