Fabletics: Trusting Reviews

It’s strange to think that companies no longer have the power to persuade consumers so easily. As strange as it seems, it’s worked out perfectly for both sides. Sure, some companies haven’t done well since the shift in consumer behavior, but the savvy brands achieved newfound success.

Fabletics is one of those brands. In just four years, has grown into a $250 million business that sells in eight countries. Fabletics sells activewear in a market already dominated by big-name brands, it’s a miracle the company survived at all. Fortunately, social media’s made growing a business a lot easier.

Building an online presence is hard, but having a world-famous celebrity as part of the company certainly puts an added boost in achieving online success. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, always wanted to start some kind of activewear brand. For her, it’s not about the fashion itself; it’s about America’s struggle with health and fitness.

Most health-focused companies market to people who are desperate to change their lives for the better or they’re already living healthy and fit lives. Fabletics is about slowly inspiring women to take that first step toward an active, healthy life. That’s why they produce lines for all sizes and ages of women.

That personal commitment to members seems to be a winning exercise. Fabletics has over one million monthly members and 18 successful retail stores. The online success is mostly thanks to their members and more than 21 million online fans sharing their positive opinions of the brand.

The new consumer trend revolves around online reviews. Most people these days, use online reviews as a determining factor in many of their final purchase decisions. Most important, modern consumers trust these reviews, even though they’re written by complete strangers. BrightLocal recently conducted a study that revealed that over 80 percent of people trust these reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

According to Trustpilot, the largest review site in the world, people don’t trust traditional advertising or marketing anymore. People look to online reviews because they’re written by fellow consumers who’ve already had personal experiences dealing with the company.

These online reviews also help companies create better products. It’s why so many companies have feedback and comment sections on their sites. This trend helps keep companies transparent and customer focused.

Fabletics, Building Trust With Positive Reviews

“Power of the crowd” is a term used to describe how more companies are embracing positive reviews by customers. These reviews themselves are the reasons that new customers try the company. Take for example, Fabletics, which is a subscription based service. For a monthly fee, customers get to make their own personalized picks from among reasonably price, designer inspired athletic wear. Fabletics’ athleisure brand grew from a strictly online subscriber base into legions of loyal customers, men and women. This has lead Fabletics and Kate Hudson to opening actual retail outlets throughout the United States. Fabletics owes its phenomenal growth rate to popularity generated from positive customer reviews.


When interviewed about the success rate of the Fabletics brand, company Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Shawn Gold said that social media in particular is a big part of their increasing popularity. But, it isn’t about the luxury of buying athleisure from home, or the convenience of going into the stores, it’s the positive reviews by members and customers that drives new sales. Recent trends suggest that people value the reviews of others online. Fabletics is leveraging the customer’s experience with them. This experience is the result of positive feedback from many satisfied customers. By embracing positive reviews, Fabletics is able to attract new customers and retain the ones they already have. The popularity of the crowd has lead Fabletics into new markets, evident by the design collaboration with pop star, Demi Lovato.


To find out which Fabletics gear might be best for you, just take the Lifestyle Quiz and get started with personalized collections. This is what has earned Fabletics such high praise, always putting the interests of the customers first. The Lifestyle Quiz is one of the features customers praise. All of this isn’t lost on Kate Hudson, she remembers her humble beginnings. Kate was quietly living an athletic lifestyle. When the Fabletics partnership began, she was found to be a perfect fit because she’s “authentic” and “approachable.” President of the company, Gregg Throgmartin said that Kate’s appeal is a big part of their rapid growth and popularity.


Kate Hudson wasn’t experiencing wide celebrity as an actress, which is why she was described as, “almost famous.” Despite her famous parents, she wasn’t a shoe-in for top box office billing. Then she partnered with Fabletics and Kate became a recognizable image, a part of the athleisure brand. Let’s face it, some people probably dreamed of being just like her. That’s worth noting because a brand encompasses many things and Fabletics is growing a very rapid pace, because of Kate’s appeal as a “down-to-earth” person. Kate Hudson went from “being almost famous” to being insanely popular as the face of Fabletics. In 2017, neither Hudson or Fabletics show any signs of slowing down. Considering that just a mere three and half years ago, Fabletics was just another startup company. Now, it’s has a loyal fan base and $250 million in sales.

Fabletics Changed The Way You Shop For WorkOut Gear

Fabletics is an apparel company that was first founded in 2013 by actress Kate Hudson. Hudson was looking for a new and innovative way to offer women workout gear. Not only is Fabletics very simple and easy to use but they also offer a great array of products.


Some of the top products that Fabletics has to offer is their amazing leggings. Not only are their leggings made from good quality but they also come in a large variety of patterns and colors. The leggings are available in everything from zebra print to floral print and even plain colors such as black and blue. Fabletics also offers yoga pants, shorts, capris, tank tops, bras and even long sleeve shirts. In 2015 Fabletics also began offering products for men.


Fabletics is very simple to use. It is an online subscription retailer that offers great membership benefits. Users start by visiting the Fabletics website and filling out a very short questionnaire. The questionnaire is used to determine what type of style you like as well as what type of exercises you enjoy. This will help the experts at Fabletics choose exactly the right options for your personal style and workout routine. After completing the questionnaire VIP members will then receive a great box of Fabletic gear in the mail.


Typically the Fabletics box includes two to three high-quality pieces of athletic apparel. Users can receive leggings, tank tops or even bras and long-sleeve shirts. Each product is designed to offer smooth and comfortable movements while helping to absorb sweat. Each month a new box will arrive with new pieces of workout gear. Fabletics is a great way to build your wardrobe collection and get motivated about working out.


Fabletics is very simple to cancel. Users can simply skip or cancel a month by visiting the website. With so many great items to choose from and such ease and convenience it is easy to see why so many people love Fabletics. Some of the biggest review sites have raved about the ease and convenience of using fabletics. Krazy Coupon Lady which is one of the top online sites has an in-depth and positive review on how cute and convenient Fabletics is. Men and women all over the world are realizing that Fabletics is a simpler and easier way to shop for athletic clothes. Fabletics beats going to the stores and trying things on. Instead users enjoy the convenience of having the outfits shipped straight to their door.