Lime Crime’s Blasting Into Spring With Bold, Bright Color Pallettes

In the highly comptetive beauty industry, to be noticed you must stand out above the every day. Lime Crime has this quality handled. If subtle is the goal, Lime Crime suggests the ‘other guys’ products. For those who want to be bold, fierce, and trendy Lime Crime is the product to take you there. With fashion forward trends this season, the Venus 3 color pallette is a flash of bright, unique colors that smack you in the eyeballs! Forget about drab, Venus line has you covered in vibrance.

Why Not Have Neon Nights With Venus 2

Buttery smooth eyeshadow, could it be? Why yes, yes there is. The Venus line, like Venus 2, has that bold statement you have been craving. Springtime welcomes you, make an impression with some neon color in your life… Venus 2 features neon blue for example. Lime crime offers a full line of neon colors, to put that face in the spotlight!

Flawless Face Foundation

The base of all things fabulous, foundation that blends skin tones to bring out your true self is the desired result. Steer clear of orange-y heavy bases that turn your beautiful face into a crumpled road cone. Go for light, airy, delightful bliss to begin your inner Unicorn discovery. Work with your natural glow, avoid plastering your face with greasy war paint.

Those Luscious Lips, Baby

You can do a ballet jump right into spring with Lime Crime Blackberry Plushies. All-day lip color that is velvety smooth, with a matte finish in 10 available colors. No need to reapply 15 times a day, it is there to stay. Please apply responsibly! Nobody enjoys a semi permanent lipstick blobbed on the tip of their nose or chin, at least I wouldn’t assume so!

Don’t make the wrong expression impression..

Eyebrows can say a multitude of words without a single murmur. Keep those rugs tamed and defined. Some are graced with naturally perfect eyebrows and to you, perfect-eyebrow-person, I say carry on. Read no further because the rest of us need some definition to keep our emotions reflecting in our expression confusion-free. Once your shape is achieved, darken them if needed, stiffen them up for long lasting perfection.

How the Curious Nature of Whitney Wolfe Spectators Propels Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is working hard to solidify herself as someone that everyone should take seriously in the social media world. She started almost quietly with the dating app called Bumble, but she is no longer able to hide in the background of this application anymore. People are recognizing her because she is appearing on the cover of magazines. Forbes Magazine has had Whitney Wolfe on the cover, and she has been singled out along the 30 under 30 as a woman that has a billion dollar app in the making.

When a billion dollar valuation of an app happens it is hard for people not to recognize who you are. It is true that some people may be familiar with Whitney Wolfe because she is vocal in conferences and various events where she talks about partnerships with NBA teams like the LA Clippers.

She is also taking a stand on gun violence and donating to the cause against preventing gun violence. In other words, Wolfe is someone that is hard not to notice because she is no longer flying under the radar. Unlike the other co-founders for Tinder that are typically not even known by most of the singles that are using the Tinder app, Whitney has presented herself as the entrepreneur that people want to know more about. This is good for her brand.

She got married recently and people that pick up Bridal magazines may have seen this entrepreneur that married a wealthy oil tycoon and wondered exactly who she was. Others may have seen her own business shows where she talked about Bumble and networking and the expansion of Bumble with Bumble Bizz, and this may have brought forth a sense of curiosity about Whitney Wolfe as well.

Lately, there seems to be so many different opportunities for someone like Wolfe to expand her brand simply because people are curious about what she is. They want to know what makes this young entrepreneur tick. They want to know how she was able to bounce back from a bad relationship that turned into sexual harassment at Tinder and still found the strength to start her own company.

This curiosity that people have bought Whitney Wolfe is great because it allows her to follow her dreams. She has a chance to promote her business simply because people want to know the entrepreneur behind Bumble. Women want to know this feminist driving force.

Whitney Wolfe’sĀ  Social Media:

Lime Crime Offers a Wide Range of Lip Products

There are a lot of different makeup brands out on the market today. However, they are not all created equal. One of the best brands you can purchase online is Lime Crime. Here are some of their best lip products.

They offer a lip product called Plushies. Plushies is their version of different lip colors that come with an applicator. They have a ton of different colors to choose from. They offer pink, red, mauve, purple, peach, and even smokey black colors. This great lip product makes your lips look very plush and that is where it gets it’s name. They only need to be applied once and they will stay on all day long. They all have a blackberry scent to them.

The next product they offer is called Matte Velvetines. This is a liquid matte lipstick. It comes in many different colors including red, pink, purple, peach, brown, blue, and orange. This lipstick is great for people that do not want any gloss or shine to their lips. This lipstick lasts all day long.

The third lip product is the Diamond Crushers. This is a glittery lip topper. These amazingly beautiful toppers are applied on top of their matte lipsticks. They can be applied not only to your lips, but also your body and cheeks. There are many different glitter shades to choose from. These include blue, purple, pink, and many more.

Metallic Velvetines are another lip product that Lime Crime carries on their website. This is a metallic lipstick. This comes in many different colors including brown, purple, mauve, red, blue, and pink. This lipstick is very opaque.

The last lip product that they offer is called Unicorn Lipstick. This is a matte lipstick that als moisturizes. These are available in pink, red, and beige.

Lime Crime offers a ton of different lip products. If you are looking for some great products check them out online. You won’t be sorry you did.