US Economic Crisis as Predicted by Shervin Pishevar

How many Twitter users can tweet for 21 hours about the economy and capture the attention of almost an entire nation? Well, not many can rival Shervin Pishevar. He is a capitalist whose reputation has grown since he invested in Uber before the company became a household name. To many people, Pishevar has an eye for great future investments. His ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities is most likely the main reason why his predictions of the financial market attracted attention across the country. His economic predictions were contained in 50 tweets that flowed for 21 hours.

Shervin Pishevar talks about Bitcoin and the stock market as declining investments. According to his analysis, these assets are completely overvalued, a fact that investors will soon notice. He advised investors to focus on newer and more innovative ideas to succeed.

Unlike the many financial and business analysts who are all talk and no play, Shervin Pishevar has predicted things in the past that have come to pass. Whether you choose to believe the stock market is not the right place to invest in the current political, cultural, and economic environment or not, is up to you.

Be it as it may, Shervin Pishevar is not one to talk lies on Twitter for 21 hours! He also does not argue for the sake of it.

In his tweets, he warns the US against relying on the current methods of stabilizing the market that involves the sale and buying of bonds. He encourages the central banks to not only buy the government bonds but also to allow for quantitative easing.

Considering that there are many influential voices competing with Shervin Pishevar on Twitter, it is amazing that his loyal followers took time to go through his predictions and analyze the impact they would have on the economy.

Shervin Pishevar gives hope to the people arguing that such negative changes will in turn open ways for a better economy focused on equality. One cannot deny that the statements are not to be ignored by potential investors. This is taking into account the previous input that Pishevar has had on the financial market.

The Future of Elective Healthcare

Elective healthcare has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. This specific field of work has untapped potential that’s waiting to be explored. There are a number of high-quality elective healthcare practices in the US, but there is one that stands out from the pack. OVME is its name and providing the very best in minimal-invasive procedures is its game. OVME recently opened its doors in early 2018, and it has taken the industry by storm. This facility is modern, is sleek and is loaded with cutting-edge equipment. The word luxury perfectly identifies what this medical practice truly is. The facility was founded by Dr. Mark McKenna, and it offers some of the most luxurious medical-aesthetic services, including:

  • Botox
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Dysport Treatments
  • Intense Pulsed Light Treatments
  • B-12 Shots
  • And many more

The options are literally endless and this is how Dr. Mark McKenna wanted it to be. OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna compliments each other very well. He has always had a profound love for doing this type of work. The one-size-fits-all approach of the past is over. These services posses an uber-style about them as the patient is able to choose what he or she wants.

“We have invested in data, and we have invested in technology,” said McKenna. If there is anyone who truly knows about this subject, then it surely is Dr. Mark McKenna. He has at least 20 years of knowledge in the tasks at hand, and he has built a solid foundation by previously working as a medical doctor. It doesn’t get more in-depth than this, and it doesn’t get much better than Dr. Mark McKenna.

The strong technological foundation laid by Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He is the most decorated CEO of this company. He started working in the company as a head of department before being promoted to the position of the CEO. His achievements in the company are huge and are felt years after he left the company. Why is this so? Louis Chenevert laid a foundation that involved accomplishing short-term goals while laying foundation for long-term goals. The initiatives he stared in the company are still being pursued by the current management since they were clearly thought out and needed not be swept under the carpet.

Among the priorities of Louis Chenevert while working for UTC was investing in technology and the employees. He knew that these two were interdependent. Technology needs trained and highly skilled employees. For efficient deployment of the technology in the company, huge emphasis should fits be placed on the employees training. At UTC Louis Chenevert started job as the President of Pratt & Whitney in 1989. He was responsible for the invention of the geared turbofan jet engine. This remains one of his greatest achievements. This jet engine revolutionized the whole jet engine manufacturing industry. Due to efficiency of this engine, it is being used in the U.S military.

The willingness of Louis Chenevert to invest in technology and human resource is the driving force which the company is still riding on even today. It has not only led to the improvement of UTC but the whole American economy. The company employs thousands of people. Pratt &Whitney currently has manufacturing plants in Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, and Georgia. These plants supply products to all the states in America. UTC has invested over $1 billion through these plants.

Louis Chenevert invested in technology because he had a vision this would the next biggest thing. Technology would create job opportunities for many young people in the company as its business expanded. Since he left the company, it is still employing thousands of people every year due to expansion of operations. These new employees will support the next generation of technological growth in the company.

Sheldon Lavin: Global Visionary and Community Investor with Chicago Roots

CEO OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Industries in 1970 when the company was the primary supplier of hamburger patties to McDonald’s. Lavin envisioned the company expanding into markets other than fast food and could see the value of exploring global markets. In a 2017 interview Mr. Lavin shared his dream “from the first day on the job, I envisioned and aimed to grow the company to be world-class food processing empire.” As Chairman/CEO, Mr. Lavin brought the company’s products to restaurants, private label, and food service distributors. In 2016 he led the effort to acquire Baho Food, a Dutch food distributor. Its acquisition enabled OSI Industries to serve markets throughout Europe. Under his leadership, OSI Industries grew from a Chicago-based company to one that has 65 facilities in 17 countries.

Global Visionary

In 2016 Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. The Vision World Academy honors outstanding individuals who have achieved their vision to provide examples and learning opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Reflecting on the award, Lavin said “The people who work with us and the quality of our products will always come first. That’s why we’re considered number one by the best leaders in the business.”

Chicago Roots

An award from an organization in India is a long way from Mr. Lavin’s beginnings in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Lavin has a BS from Roosevelt University along with finance and accounting credits earned while attending University of Illinois and Northwestern University. Before OSI Industries, he managed his own Chicago-based financial consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates for 15 years.

Community Investor

Sheldon Lavin re-invests his wealth in community organizations that improve the quality of life for all. For years he has supported the Ronald McDonald House Charities through financial contributions and applying his business acumen while serving on Board of Directors. In 1994 Mr. Lavin and his family founded the Sheba Foundation, a family charitable foundation. Through the foundation Mr. Lavin supports additional Chicago and national charities. Charities awarded grants from the Sheba Foundation include Goodman Theater, Rush University Medical Center, Voices for Illinois Children as well as the Cleveland Clinic and the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

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IDLife can help you get healthy, too

Neutraceuticals are an alternative medicine choice many people use to maintain their health. A number of alternative health practitioners recommend these methods to their patients. Even before people get to their alternative health practitioners, they turn to these methods. Some people use these methods to maintain their health or to avoid getting certain diseases. Some of the products IDLife sells can help with weight loss, balance hormones post menopause, improve male performance, and even help improve thyroid function. Thyroid function, along with the function of many other organs, naturally declines as people get older.

IDLife’s CEO Logan Stuart remains actively involved in the development of new products and in growing the brand. He recently partnered with Garmin to improve the quality of the products his company sells. Stuart comes from an entrepreneurial background, and has over sixteen years of experience with the company. As head of the network marketing company, he brings high quality neutraceuticals to thousands of people around the country. Stuart feels happy knowing he has not only helped people improve their health, he also takes pride in knowing that he has helped thousands of people start there own business.

The network marketing company has people starting their own small businesses or side businesses in every state. Many of the people interested in these business opportunities use these products themselves and believe in them. The network marketing model provides individuals with a chance to meet new people and practice their salesmanship. Even if someone does not plan on quitting their day job, he or she can still make a reliable side income. For more info about us: click here.

Many similar companies do not offer the same level of support that IDLife does to its consultants. When a new consultant joins the IDLife program, he or she can expect to hear often from his supervisors with tips and advice. It is especially helpful for people just starting the program.

Sheldon Lavin is an Awarded and Giving Man

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of the OSI Group. He is someone who has led that group to growth that was surprising to many. This man is a great leader and someone who should be respected because of that. He was recognized for the leading that he did when he was presented with a special award. He is someone who has done a great job of taking the OSI Group to new places, and because of that, he was given the Global Visionary Award. The Global Visionary Award is something that is provided by India’s Vision World Academy. This award is something that recognizes those who are visionaries in their fields. This award is one for those like Sheldon Lavin who have taken their dreams, and they have turned those dreams into realities. When Sheldon Lavin was presented with the award, he was recognized for the work that he has put in and honored for all that he has been able to accomplish.

Sheldon Lavin is focused on more than just the business world. He is a husband and a father of three. This man is proud of what he has done in his personal life just as he is proud of all that he has done in the business world. He is someone who is not focused solely on his job, but who makes time to focus on his family and those he cares about, as well.

In addition to his career and his personal life, Sheldon Lavin has made a difference through the giving that he has done. He is involved in various charitable causes, including the Ronald McDonald House. He donates to those causes that are in need of support, and that would not be able to help those in need without the support of individuals like him. He serves as a General Trustee for the Rush University Medical Center. He works to promote good in all that he does, whether he is working for the OSI Group or going about doing something to help others and to support charitable causes that are important to him.

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OSI Group’s Sheldon Lavin Talks About His Career And Company

After four decades, Sheldon Lavin is still nostalgic of his career as a financial consultant. He believed that he would continue working in the financial industry until retired. However, all these changed when the owner of Otto & Sons enlisted for his financial services. The team was pleased with Sheldon’s services. This way, they requested him to join the company as a partner. Back then, Otto & Sons was a small meat processing company that was located in West Chicago, Illinois. The corporation was supplying its products to the McDonalds.

Lavin joined Otto & Sons with his eyes set on making the company a global powerhouse. As a financial expert, he knew this process would entail the establishment of many subsidiary companies operations in foreign countries. He was ready for the task. Lavin remained focused on this goal. To date, Lavin has helped in increasing the number of facilities owned by the company from one to 80 in four decades. These facilities are available in 17 countries located in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

According to Lavin, the success of the company can be attributed to its entrepreneurial spirit. This ensures that each of the company’s processing facilities is run independently. OSI Group is not dictated from the top. Although there are basic rules, strategies, and budgetary limits that all these plants must follow, they determine remaining aspects of the business. This is because they are managed by local talents given that these individuals have an outstanding understanding of local regulation and market tastes.

Lavin has also helped in cultivating the family culture at global corporation. According to the executive leader, each staff at the company is part of the family. He works hard to ensure that the top leadership of the company leads by example by having their lunches together at the corporation headquarters.

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group, a Chicago based supplier of processed meat products. The CEO joined the company about 43 years ago as a partner before rising to the top management position. His leadership has seen OSI Group expand its offing beyond meat-based products to include vegetables and baked items.

OSI Group Leading the Way in Food Industry

OSI Group became one of the biggest developer and provider of custom food all across the world last year. OSI Group LLC currently serves in over 20 countries all over the world with some of the biggest names in the fast food business.

OSI Group, LLC are growing fast as they expanded their business when they made a big purchase. This purchase was basically of Dutch company that makes different snacks, deli meats and more. This Dutch company that OSI Group bought is known as Baho Foods. OSI Group was able to expand their business thanks to this company in Europe, Baho Foods.

The president of OSI Group, LLC named, David G. McDonalds was very happy with this decision of the company. He is currently not only the President but the COO of the corporation as well. He has been speaking and appraising Baho Foods publically in interviews.

The Dutch company has further 5 subsidiaries. It is located in the Netherlands and Germany as well. The businesses of Baho Foods include Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life and Gelderland Frischwaren as well. They are currently serving in over 10 countries all over Europe today.

Mr. John Balvers is currently the managing Director of the company Baho Foods. He also has been speaking about big purchase decision. He and everyone at the company have been very excited about OSI Group, LLC purchase. The employees will be joining the big name company OSI Group, and they believe that this move will bring more success and business for them to learn more: click here.

Both the companies have good business history and are looking forward to working with each other. The joint efforts of both the companies will make sure they offer excellent services for the people.

Adam Milstein’s ‘Inspired By Israel’ Has Winning Video For 2017

Adam Milstein has been partnering with 12Tribe Films, StandWithUs, and various pro-Israel foundations to host a video competition that started in 2016 known as “Inspired by Israel.” The competition’s mission is to encourage contestants from around the world to show through film production what Israel means to them. Out of 80 contestants, 10 finalists are chosen and the prizes awarded are $20,000 in total giving with the Grand Prize being a large $8,000 award. Last year’s winner was “Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel,” and this year’s Grand Prize went to Sivan Felder and Batsheva Shachnovitz’s “New Immigrant” film. This competition is only one way that Adam Milstein endeavors to strengthen the Jewish American community and nation of Israel through action and philanthropy.


Adam Milstein has made his name in the real estate industry through the investments he’s made with Hager Pacific Properties. He cofounded this company after graduating from USC and he’s taken on property management and acquiring financing. The company manages billions in assets and has extended its holdings from California into Texas and Illinois. Adam Milstein has admitted to sometimes going out on his own to acquiring assets and bringing the company to where it is, and he has helped foster some of the largest real estate deals in modern times.


Prior to becoming a real estate investor, Adam Milstein was in building construction along with his father in Israel. His father had moved to Israel in 1948 and had fought in the war of Independence before taking up the building trade. Adam is the oldest of three and served in the Israeli Defense Forces in addition to working construction. He also completed a bachelor’s degree in business at the Technion and ran a business selling art.


He and his wife Gila have four daughters, and they have all been active with the Milstein Family Foundation. The Milstein’s are passionate about the Hebrew language and have put together a publication on it through Sifriyat Pijama B’America. Adam Milstein also formed a coalition of Jewish religious and educational leaders through the Israeli-American Council, and is also active with Hasbara Fellowships, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, Hillel International, and AIPAC.


Lessons from Raj Fernando on running a business successfully

Raj Fernando is the founder and former CEO of Chopper Trading. Under his leadership, Chopper Trading got the best people for the jobs in the company. The recruitment process was long but very efficient. Most of its employees were gotten from school. The potential employees ought to be sure that they are ready for the job to avoid losing other chances. The recruiting team had to ensure that the employees and the company complement each other.

According to Raj Fernando, this is to make sure that the company will not be recruiting new staff all the time. They look for people who will retire from the company. Before employment, one is introduced to the company in depth. There is also a chance to interact with the other employees. The workers help in the selection process and teach the potential employees about the company’s operations. As a result, the employees are sure that the company is their best choice and that they want to stay.

Raj Fernando understands that working is at times tiring. The company had a unique way for its employees to relax during their breaks. They had various facilities including a fitness center and other games. It also fostered good relations between the employees, which improved their output. They were not only colleagues but also friends. This was a great contributor to the growth of the company.

Currently, Raj Fernando is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Scoutahead. The company uses technology to improve companies and individuals. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Beloit College. He furthered his education at the University College of London. He started by volunteering at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He held various positions in the company until he left in 2001. He founded Chopper Trading, which he sold to DRW Trading Group in 2015.

Raj Fernando is also a philanthropist. He is a proud board member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and PAWS Chicago. Other beneficiaries of his philanthropy include the Wounded Warriors and the Clinton Foundation among several others. Mr. Fernando is also a board member of various institutions and organizations.

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