The Future of Elective Healthcare

Elective healthcare has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. This specific field of work has untapped potential that’s waiting to be explored. There are a number of high-quality elective healthcare practices in the US, but there is one that stands out from the pack. OVME is its name and providing the very best in minimal-invasive procedures is its game. OVME recently opened its doors in early 2018, and it has taken the industry by storm. This facility is modern, is sleek and is loaded with cutting-edge equipment. The word luxury perfectly identifies what this medical practice truly is. The facility was founded by Dr. Mark McKenna, and it offers some of the most luxurious medical-aesthetic services, including:

  • Botox
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Dysport Treatments
  • Intense Pulsed Light Treatments
  • B-12 Shots
  • And many more

The options are literally endless and this is how Dr. Mark McKenna wanted it to be. OVME and Dr. Mark McKenna compliments each other very well. He has always had a profound love for doing this type of work. The one-size-fits-all approach of the past is over. These services posses an uber-style about them as the patient is able to choose what he or she wants.

“We have invested in data, and we have invested in technology,” said McKenna. If there is anyone who truly knows about this subject, then it surely is Dr. Mark McKenna. He has at least 20 years of knowledge in the tasks at hand, and he has built a solid foundation by previously working as a medical doctor. It doesn’t get more in-depth than this, and it doesn’t get much better than Dr. Mark McKenna.

Love Your Heart with Life Line Screening Cardiovascular Scan

Our hearts work hard ensuring that our bodies get the necessary oxygen and nutrients every day. A terrific way to love your hardworking heart is to undergo an easy-to-do cardiovascular scan offered and administered by Life Line Screening. Many recognize this company that delivers preventative health screens in community setups. Anyone interested in these screens should contact this healthcare organization online through their informative and engaging website. Life Line Screening is currently focusing much effort in lowering the grave risks for men and women in this country at high risk for a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiovascular event.

Those at Life Line Screening are fully invested in educating everyone on the steps to take for avoiding significant cardiovascular disease issues. Currently, this deadly disease takes the most toll of any other harmful disease. Both men and women are at high risk of cardiac events if they have a family history of this disease. These risks go up if these individuals also have a personal history of either a heart attack or have high risk lifestyles known to contribute to the disease. These bad lifestyle habits include being overweight, eating high fat diets and failing to make time for regular exercise.

Those that agree to have these beneficial screens for heart disease, are more likely to lower their chances of heart attacks. This is dependent on whether they make healthier lifestyle adjustments. The cardiovascular scan that Life Line Screening is actively promoting is available due to a beneficial arrangement between this screening organization and an esteemed medical device manufacturer. This device is far less expensive, is easily moved between sites, is user-friendly and gives an accurate cardiovascular picture for its smaller size. There are no hassles, frustrating pretesting requirements and the scan is never painful. The staff from Life Line Screening can provide patients with more remarkable details.

It is hoped that less Americans will die from a heart attack this year. Life Line Screening employees are firm believers in health education. This group provides many screening and testing procedures able to determine health status. More people are wanting to learn about their healthcare. Life Line Screening staff always will explain this test and others during the appointment time. This preventative healthcare testing outfit are overjoyed that recent studies on their programs are indicating that more people feel led to change their lives after undergoing this noninvasive cardiovascular scan.

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Quality Preventive Health Care by Life Line Screening Company

Preventive health care has gained popularity especially in the current society. The modern world is quite health-conscious. It is very important to engage in preventive health because it gives you some peace of mind to know your body is functioning normally.

Furthermore, it gives you the chance to identify any conditions you might have early enough before they reach to un-manageable levels. At the forefront of this is Life Line screening, an Austin based company that caters for disease prevention and wellness support in society. Founded in 1993, the company is very popular especially with screening services that are based at community levels in United States of America.

Services at Lifeline Screening are offered with outmost quality and professionalism. The team of the well-trained technologists is meant to ensure seamless operations. In fact, most of the screenings are done aiming to acquire close to zero disturbance to the patient.

As much as various screenings may require different types of preparations, you will find that majority of procedures have very minimal preparations making it very convenient. In addition, adequate information is availed on some of the things to expect when going for the screenings to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Preventive health screenings are broadly categorized into 3 as follows:

 Ultrasound screenings

This is a very common type of screening, also known as Sonography. It uses the power of sound waves to bring out the picture of various internal body structures. From the sound waves, the echoes received give the picture of the part of the body under review.At Lifeline Screening, sonography is performed with the modern equipment designed to offer the most accurate results. It also ensures that the procedure is as painless as possible and done in a way that does not invade your privacy at all.

 Finger-stick blood screenings

This is another screening type common at Life Line Screening whereby a few drops of blood are taken through pricking the finger. This is used in testing for conditions such as heart disease. It is also used to test for diabetes. It is quite non-invasive and requires very little preparation. From this, you can have several blood screenings with the state-of-art equipment that are fully approved by FDA.

 Limited electrocardiograph

With the increased prevalence of heart conditions, Life Line Screening avails EKG electrode screenings aiming to detect any irregularities in heartbeat. It is highly non-invasive as well and very accurate in its results generation.

As the saying goes therefore, prevention is better than cure. Make an appointment to visit Life Line Screening for quality care and peace of mind.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Lists the Healing Effects of Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagosklonny, a leading researcher focuses on anti-aging and oncology, explained the healing effects of Rapamycin. It should be noted that the drug that was isolated from Sirolimus bacterium in 1972 was initially used as an anti-fungal medicine. Later, researchers identified the antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties. However, the studies of Blagosklonny revealed many characteristics of the drug and later helped the physicians to use it for various treatment purposes. He says that immunosuppressant property of the drug makes it an ideal choice for the medication that can be applied to patients who have gone for organ transplantation. Rapamycin can avoid the risk of the organ being rejected by the human body. It also offers a lower level of toxic condition to kidneys compared to other drugs.A rare disease condition of kidney failure, low platelet count, and anemia, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, can be treated using the drug. It is observed that such patients who go for a kidney transplant have a high risk of disease being imparted on the new kidney. Rapamycin gives effective results in such cases by offering lower toxicity levels to the organs.

A sporadic lung disease, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, that affects women during their pregnancy stage can get the help of the drug as Rapamycin is the primary drug accepted by the board for treatment. While coming to the treatment of cancer, the antiproliferative properties of the medicine ensure an increased immune response in the human body against the cancer cells. It also creates regression against cancer and acts as a preventive medicine.Rapamycin can also efficiently used to treat Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a congenital disorder that causes benign tumor growth in principal organs of the human body including the brain, kidney, heart, and more. The drug can give excellent results in both youngsters and adults. Blagosklonny says that Rapamycin also alleviates the effects of Facial angiofibromas that are due to TSC. He did extensive research on the anti-age properties of Rapamycin and confirmed that if administered in proper doses, the drug has the capacity to reverse the aging. Interestingly, Blagosklonny conducted the tests on mice and showed that it creates an immunological rejuvenation.

Blagosklonny is also a philanthropist and a well-known professor. He dreams to develop treatment options for cancer that can ensure effective cure while offering affordability to every section of people, regardless of their economic conditions. Blagosklonny also researches on the increased risk of cancer with respect age as he researches in both aging and cancer. Researchers, doctoral students, and physicians around the world follow his researchers and get in touch with him for guidance and assistance. Blagosklonny is also an inspiration to his colleagues and students across the globe.Mikhail Blagosklonny has another ambition of introducing a cancer treatment process that ensures effective remedy to the disease and at the same time, providing a quicker recovery. He is working on a treatment process that can destroy cancer cells efficiently without causing any damage to the healthy cells. Blagosklonny thinks that he should achieve maximum progress in his missions so that other researchers can pick from there and make his dream a reality.

The Inside Story on Avi Weisfogel’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a dentist and researcher of sleep disorders has launched a Go Fund Me campaign for Operation Smile. This organization was started in the early ’80’s by a doctor and his wife to help children that were unable to afford surgeries that they desperately needed. Dr. Weisfogel believe that all children should have access to good healthcare, and should not have to do without anything concerning their health and well-being. This is why he has chosen to support Operation Smile with a Go Fund Me account.

The mission of this doctor nurse team was to help children in the Philippines at that time, working with children that had cleft palate, and a variety of other deformities of the face. This made it challenging in that numerous children were in need, and funds were needed to give the very best care. Dr. Avi Weisfogel chose to start a Go Fund Me campaign for this organization, in hopes that the money would help a child get the surgery they want and need for good health and improved confidence.

Operation Smile has been on numerous missions in various countries to provide medical help for children and young adults in need. There are now more medical conditions that they hope to treat as they travel from country to country helping these amazing children. As the father of six children, it is no surprise that he has an interest in aiding this organization in helping to provide funding for surgery for these children around the world.

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