How To Save Money On Cooling Costs With Tips From Goettl

Tip #1 Weatherization

One way to cut down on cooling costs is by weatherizing your entire home. This involves sealing gaps and cracks throughout your home using caulk, sealants and weather stripping. The less cold air that escapes from your home and the less warm air that enters your home, the less work your AC will have to do to cool your home. When your AC works less, you will save money.

Use insulation in places such as attics. If you have old insulation consider replacing it. If you notice any drafts below doors or near windows seal them off. This will increase your comfort and save you money on cooling.

Tip #2 Thermostat Tricks

Your thermostat should be placed away from any direct sources of heat. If it is placed near a source of heat such as a lamp it will think that the overall temperature of the home is warmer than it really is. This will lead to necessary cooling which will cost you extra. You should also consider upgrading old thermostats to electronic programmable ones. These are thermostats that you can program to cool less when you are away so that you don’t waste precious energy on cooling when you are not at home. Some electronic thermostats even have remote control features that you can access through a computer or smartphone.

Get More Out Of Your HVAC System With Goettl

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