Marvelous Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is an amazing place to worship God. The church has a model that allows members to come as they are. This means you can come dressed as you would normally dress. The church focuses on all of the members lives and everything that God has done for members. The church has a vision for all members to live a life that is filled with Christ and victory.

The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams is a great pastor. He is very understanding and really understand and ministers the word of God. He is a very educated man. He has several degrees including a Masters degree in organizational leadership and two honorary doctoral degrees as well. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

Mighty Fortress Church is very diverse. Many members of all ethnicities, age, and genders attend Might Fortress Church. Bishop Thomas Williams makes sure he makes all of the church services very engaged and easy to understand because of this. They really aim to empower and encourage Christians of today.

There are other beautiful churches located throughout Minnesota. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church was built in 1916. The church has a very pretty tan-brown brick that it was built with. It is very tall. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church was said to be the second tallest building in the city of Minneapolis. The church has an old English Goth style. View the interactive map at


Another beautiful church in the state of Minnesota is Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier. This church was built in the early 1900s. The church is very tall. It was built with red and cream materials that makes the church really stand out. The style of the church has formally been named French. The church is so beautiful that it has been placed on the list of historic buildings. It is really something beautiful to see!

St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul is another church that is extremely beautiful. This church has been turned into an arts academy in recent years. Even though this building is no longer a church it still has wonderful charm!


Bob Reina’s Unique Approach to Entrepreneurial Success

To say that Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been busy would be an understatement. Talk Fusion is one of the leading marketing and communication solutions firms in the world with their focus specifically on video. Reina established the company in 2007 and since then he has experienced monumental success. Reina’s also been contributing to both the Huffington Post and the Martech Advisor as a guest author. Obviously Reina knows a great deal about what he’s doing but learning where he came from is almost as important. let’s look at what led Reina to his work at Talk Fusion.


Reina first got started in the internet marketing business after a chance encounter with a network marketing professional while at his old job as a police officer. Reina had been working as a police officer for nearly a decade when he took an off duty gig and was introduced to a man who specialized in network marketing. While the meeting didn’t turn into a position, it did get the wheels turning for Reina on eventually becoming his own boss. Learn more:


It would take another couple of years for Reina to become comfortable enough to jump into his newest business endeavor. The first product that Bob Reina introduced to the world was the Talk Fusion Video Email. Reina had seen a future in video marketing via embedded emails but no clients at the time offered this as a possibility. So Reina established a program that could accomplish this goal. Reina instantly got to talking it up and before Talk Fusion launched they had a market that was ready and waiting for them.


For Talk Fusion success was almost immediate and it was due in large part to Reina’s approach. Reina says, “We created the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time.” Reina makes it sound so simple now and perhaps it was simple to him even back then. Reina says, “Find a problem and then solve it better than anyone else.” Talk Fusion closed out 2016 with a variety of industry awards and now they are looking to 2017 to repeat that success and push it ever forward. Learn more: