The Lovaganza Foundation Reaches For The Clouds

Lovaganza 2015 is filled out and billed to be a cohesive worldwide event being built on the population of the Earth’s ideas about abundance for everyone on the planet, global peace and unity, and a global celebration of a better tomorrow. Lovaganza’s initial incarnation is going to be a foundation or as the founders, J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon, envision ‘The Mother of All Foundations.’ Lovaganza’s unique and mandated purpose is to bring to every child on the Earth and to the rest of the human race a universal quality of life. This is also a project that the founders are hoping to spread around the world to like-minded organizations and kindred foundations that embrace the same worldwide goals as Lovaganza does.

The Lovaganza foundation is a non-profit organization that is being initially fueled by for-profit projects of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which include a group of first class production numbers whose sole goal is to impact the world’s population in addition to generating the funds to finance the Foundations programs, campaigns, and research for the inspiring documentaries that the Entertainment Franchise is planning on filming and producing. These inspiring documentaries will come to be international events that will generate additional opportunities and garner more visibility to empower and guide like-minded foundations and organizations.

One of the first projects in line for filming and production by Lovaganza Entertainment is Follow Your Sunshine. The movie is being filmed in Frigiliana, a small town in the province of Malaga which is part of Andalusia in Southern Spain. The film is set in the 1950s and is part of a trilogy. French Directors Genevieve and J?F Gagnon brought a team of 50 people to the town and 25 extras were chosen from the more than 500 local residents and actors that attended the casting sessions. When filming began the historic center of the town was closed off to traffic and many of the town’s residents said the filming evoked memories of a bygone era as actors in meticulous period costumes strolled through and around the traffic free streets.

The local head of tourism in Frigiliana, Maria Jose Caravaca, stated that the impact of the production of the film has been extremely beneficial to the town. In addition, she added that everyone in town was aware of its uniqueness and that their mission was to promote its attractions all year long. He also added that for the town to be chosen as the set for a film was a big boost on Euro weekly News.
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