Recent News on End Citizens United

A recent article in Premiere Gazette, posted on July 10th, describes End Citizens United, which is a Political Action Committee (PAC).

End Citizens United held a nationwide poll analyzing trends in this latest election cycle. According to the poll, Beto O’Rourke is closing in on Ted Cruz’s lead. Beto O’Rourke is currently the US Representative for the 16th congressional district in Texas. O’Rourke is the Democratic candidate for Senate, challenging Ted Cruz, the incumbent Republican Senator. View their financial information on Open Secrets.

As Premiere Gazette describes, the End Citizens United poll shows Cruz is only leading by a margin of 45 to 37 percent. A similar poll released by the University of Texas shows that Cruz only has a five-point lead.

The End Citizens United poll also shows that a majority of Texans don’t know who O’Rourke is. At the same time, 49 percent of the poll’s respondents hold Ted Cruz in an unfavorable light. These two factors make an unlikely recipe for O’Rourke’s current success.

End Citizens United – also known as ECU – was also covered in a recent GC Report article posted on May 10th. As The GC Report presents, ECU recently filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Rick Scott. Rick Scott is the current Republican governor of Texas and is now running against the incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Follow the group on

The ECU’s complaint alleges that Rick Scott has been illegally using a super PAC called New Republican to fund his Senate race. The Citizens United ruling, which ECU stands against, expressly stipulates that a PAC can raise as much money as it wants on any candidate, but cannot work directly with that candidate. The ECU is contending that Rick Scott is circumventing that stipulation. He was the chairman of New Republican before he entered the Senate race.

Rick Scott’s campaign denies the allegations. However, ECU continues to unearth evidence that he has committed wrongdoing. They point to the fact that Rick Scott was listed as the chairman of New Republican as recently as January.

This coverage from Premiere Gazette and The GC Report indicates that ECU is a major player in campaign finance advocacy.