Paul Herdsman, The Co-Founder At NICE Global


Paul Herdsman is an excellent figure in the world of business. He is a multi-talented businessman with many years of experience of upgrading and perfecting his skills in matters relating to customer retention, customer acquisition, business growth and development, operational execution, growth and development of sales and marketing. Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and the Chief Operational Officer of his incredibly successful project by the name NICE Global. He has proved to be a brilliant entrepreneur and an international businessman.

NICE Global is located in Montego Bay in Jamaica, and it’s a nearshore firm that is aimed at offering customer services solutions for various businesses that are in search of multiple processors. Through the provision of such business solutions, NICE Global successfully promote and bolster customer retention, improved customer engagement, reduces overhead costs, and hence leads to a higher return for every of their client.

Besides providing tangible outcomes for their clients, NICE Global also implements various metrics to evaluate and determine the actual success of their employees, dedication, rewarding the hard work and skills that are shown by their team through incentive-based programs. To maintain and retain a cohesive firm family culture, NICE Global acknowledges the critical connection between the victory of NICE Global team and the tremendous success of their clients.

Paul Herdsmen is an icon in the world of business, and has been hosted for many interviews. Among the most common question that he encounters is for him to explain how he got started with this business, Nice Global and what inspired him to start this business. Paul noted that he worked in many management positions for many other companies before he became the co-founder at NICE Global.

While in these positions Paul perfected in problem-solving skills that he gambled with within his role as an entrepreneur. While in his line of duty, he discovered that his previous jobs drawn him the Science of streamlining processes for businesses to generate a long-term project. He also noted that he enjoyed creating and implementing several customer services that involve elements to strengthen a consistent business positive reputation in consumer culture. This is triggered him into the world of business. Go Here for related Information.


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Vinod Gupta Funds Education To Help Others


Vinod Gupta’s story is one of adversity and inspiration. Growing up in a small village in India, Gupta came to the United States with 60 borrowed dollars and a dream. Now, he is one of the wealthiest businessmen in America. Opening his first company, American Business List, in 1972, Vinod Gupta would eventually grow this business into a multi million-dollar enterprise, taking his company public in 1993. By 1997, Gupta had grown his company’s revenues to over 108 million dollars.

Today Mr. Gupta has created quite a reputation for himself, winning honorary doctorates from 13 different universities, including the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the University of Nebraska.


Vinod Gupta’s Current Endeavors

Today, Vinod Gupta has been focusing attention on his school, the Vinod Gupta School of Management. This public business school is located in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India and is the first school to be established in the Indian Institute of Technology. Offering a 2-year full-time residential Master of Business Administration degree program as well as a 3-year post graduate MBA degree for working company executives Gupta’s school has consistently been ranked as one of the best business schools in India. Advanced curriculum is included for postgraduates which upon completion awards a Ph.D. Get Related Information Here.

Vinod Gupta’s story began as one of adversity and setback but has ended with more success and excitement than he could have ever dreamed. Despite this, Mr. Gupta has never forgotten his roots and continues to fund educational initiatives for helping others achieve the same level of success. He is known to advocate to promoting the value of education, especially Women’s Education.


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Felipe Montoro Jens and the economic help in South America

The special meeting of governors of the Inter-American Development Bank which took place over a month ago, discussed private to private investments increasing within the projects for infrastructure in Brazil was discussed. Mr. Montoro wanted to make sure that the importance of having a guaranteed financial success within capable mechanisms. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

Secretary of state for economy and business support of Spain went over the many dynamic aspects of the spanish market for that specific region and made Brazil as one of the top priority nation for the investment of the Spanish, per Felipe Montoro Jens.

These countries need new investments and also the support of the IDB. For the industry 4.0 revolution this is necessary to face. This is all according to minister Oliveira. These countries need new investments and also the support of the IDB. For the industry 4.0 revolution this is necessary to face. This is all according to minister Oliveira. Oliveira states that “the challenge that was to build roads and sanitation to provide water now, at the same time, we must also invest in a more modern infrastructure to promote the fourth industrial revolution”.

Throughout the new projects being proposed they would need this financial support, most importantly because they would need the convergence of infrastructure as well as better trade between countries. He’s been vestments are vital for the stability of the regions. To be able to overcome all the different obstacles that these countries face they would need these social demands met and reinforce policies. Additionally there would be an environmental sustainability so that these projects can be properly executed.

Overtime the ministry of planning assessment has not been able to mobilize private capital even with the historic gain. IDB’s loans cost about 12.9 billion in debt. In 2016 this was 20% less.



The Work Life of Adam Milstein

How do you learn to become a great investor? By learning how other people pulled through the industry to become the people, they are today. Listening to the stories of the investors, enlighten you on the dos and don’ts of the businesses. You also get to know what the people do differently that earns them success.

Adam Milstein is among the people you can learn from, and become a better investor. He is the Managing Director of the prominent real estate firm; the Hager Pacific Properties. He says that when he was in USC, receiving his MBA, some investors came to recruit the students. He realized that they underestimated his abilities, and offered him unfavorable offers. He knew his worth, and as a result, he began Real Estate Commercial broking. It was not long before he believed in his skills, and started his firm.

Many people have a daily routine that they follow to ensure all their tasks are completed in time. Milstein’s story is different. He argues that it is hard to have a fixed routine with a growing business. As the assets grow, the activities of the firm differ. Another surprising thing about Milstein is that he does a lot by himself. He says that he delegates duties to his team members to ease the workload but when he realizes the person is not committed; he does the task for himself.

That is not all. You have probably been taught severally on the importance of having strategies. Adam Milstein says that he stopped setting targets because he realized they were limiting him. He, therefore, avoids the limitations by working without any set goal. This does not mean that he has less accomplished in his career. He gives every day his best.

It could be weird not to mention the philanthropy work of Adam Milstein. He is known for his dedication to the teachings of the Jewish community. He helps in ensuring that the American-Israel families understand what the Jewish beliefs are, and what they expect from them. His wife, Gila support him. Adam Milstein says that doing his work and the humanitarian work every day is what completes him.

Everything is Love with OG Juan

Jay Z and Beyonce released a new album called Everything is Love and they share their relationship with the world. They have called this album an art therapy session. Critics have given this album high reviews and it just so happens the couple will be touring soon. On this record Jay Z mentions a couple that they have been longtime friends with. He shouts out OG Juan and Desiree Perez. This couple has been working behind the scenes on several albums and often do not get the attention they deserve for their work.

This is the most personal record released by the couple. Not only are they open and honest they are mentioning everyone that played an important part in their life. This includes OG Juan as well as Dez. OG Juan has been working with Jay Z at Roc A Fella records since 1996. He has helped run the record company and was part of the daily operations. He also helped open and run the 40/40 club with Jay Z. OG Juan was first mentioned on The Black Album in 2003.While Dez did not help with the entire album she was still there for part of it and worked hard to help make it a success in the studio.

While OG Juan focused on running the 40/40 club he has been mentioned in different albums for Jay Z. The pair works so well together that they decided to open a sports agency called Roc Nation Sports and this has been another success. It is OG Juan himself that is President of this sports company. OG Juan and Dez have helped make a $150 million-dollar deal with Live Nation for concert promotions for Jay Z and Beyonce. The couple has some close friends and with all this money making it is nothing but love.

Stream Energy- Organization with Heart

Stream Energy is renowned for its generosity and philanthropy services towards the community of Dallas and nationally. The company helped to alleviate the homeless after the devastating Hurricane Harvey that dropped over 56 inches of hard rain across Houston and other surrounding neighbourhoods. The aftermath was people losing their properties, but Stream Energy was there to give a high hand of helping. The company used its yearly return to ensure their clients are safe and comfortable.

Stream Energy is a flourishing company that deals with energy sales, and it recently introduced the Stream Care to handle their philanthropy work. The company says that corporate philanthropy runs in the company DNA and believes the new charity foundation will formalise their ongoing locally and nationally charitable work. Stream Energy thinks that launching the company wing of philanthropy has the dual advantage to the company and also community. It states that giving back to the city brings out simultaneously earning loyalty and respect from public and clients. Corporate giving is highly and extensively publicised making it altruistic, but the C-levels executive embraces it as a practical buffer when business pitfall and scandals hit the company. It’s believed the American corporate are quite generous and in 2016 over $19 billion was donated to various national and international charities.

Stream Energy has long-term commitment and relationship with the Red Cross and the Habitats for Humanity to drive the local and also grassroots giving. The company uses a simple model of business through the selling of energy directly by paying their associates to build a network of devoted clients by delivering high-quality products and services. The Stream associates earn commission, and they choose a specific cause to support creating a chain of generosity.

Stream Energy is also deeply involved with taking care of the homeless. The company routinely track the homeless noting at least 24% increase in 2016, and it has teamed up with Hope Supply Co to provide clothing and other suppliers. The two companies covered the entrance fee for homeless children to have fun at Northern Texas Water Park putting a broad smile on their faces.

The strong technological foundation laid by Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He is the most decorated CEO of this company. He started working in the company as a head of department before being promoted to the position of the CEO. His achievements in the company are huge and are felt years after he left the company. Why is this so? Louis Chenevert laid a foundation that involved accomplishing short-term goals while laying foundation for long-term goals. The initiatives he stared in the company are still being pursued by the current management since they were clearly thought out and needed not be swept under the carpet.

Among the priorities of Louis Chenevert while working for UTC was investing in technology and the employees. He knew that these two were interdependent. Technology needs trained and highly skilled employees. For efficient deployment of the technology in the company, huge emphasis should fits be placed on the employees training. At UTC Louis Chenevert started job as the President of Pratt & Whitney in 1989. He was responsible for the invention of the geared turbofan jet engine. This remains one of his greatest achievements. This jet engine revolutionized the whole jet engine manufacturing industry. Due to efficiency of this engine, it is being used in the U.S military.

The willingness of Louis Chenevert to invest in technology and human resource is the driving force which the company is still riding on even today. It has not only led to the improvement of UTC but the whole American economy. The company employs thousands of people. Pratt &Whitney currently has manufacturing plants in Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, and Georgia. These plants supply products to all the states in America. UTC has invested over $1 billion through these plants.

Louis Chenevert invested in technology because he had a vision this would the next biggest thing. Technology would create job opportunities for many young people in the company as its business expanded. Since he left the company, it is still employing thousands of people every year due to expansion of operations. These new employees will support the next generation of technological growth in the company.

Meet Mike Baur and Know Much about Triumphant Entrepreneurial Journey

Anyone venturing into the business world or aiming at becoming a successful entrepreneur needs to have the big picture in mind. Switzerland is known to produce some of the most talented entrepreneurs and business people like Mike Baur. Mike comes from a region known as Fribourg and he has been a celebrated entrepreneur especially in the banking industry. He currently serves as the Co-founder and an executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory. Those who know Mike can affirm that he has been in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years. He has even worked for some of the reputable major Private Banks in Swiss such as USB and Clariden Leu.

Mike is a man who got fascinated by Banking and Finance subjects since he was a teenager. When someone develops such a strong desire for something at that tender age, the power to pursue it is always irresistible. He started his journey towards his entrepreneurial vision in 2014 when he was 39 years old. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory together with his two close partners Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. Amazingly, Swiss Startup Factory has become the top privately financed company. Its ICT Startup Accelerator is independent, and this has given this company a great name in the country.

In most of the entrepreneurial programs running in the country, Mike is always involved. He is so dedicated to entrepreneurial programs that mostly touch on mentorship and youths. Mike is committed to giving other Switzerland Startups the financial help they need. At Swiss Startup Association, Mike offers his services in the capacity of a Co-founder and Director. Mike participated at the START Summiteer as a jury member. The Summiteer is usually pitched at the St Gallen University as a contest for start-ups. In January 2016, CTI Invest entered into a partnership deal with Swiss Startup Factory, and Mike became the Deputy Managing Director.

This businessman is a graduate of the Rochester University in New York and also of Berne University. He graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration. His entrepreneurial journey, startup investments, and Swiss Banking background have been well profiled by The Wall Street Journal. It’s Mike who has been behind the Swiss Factory’s fundraising and financing rounds. The Swiss Startup Factory was founded with the objective of searching for digital business people and entrepreneurs with a clear vision of thriving in business. The company has strong network ties that offer these entrepreneurs exciting opportunities in Switzerland and across the globe.

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin Wins 2016 Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin is the chief operating officer of the internationally known food processing company the OSI Group. He is the visionary behind the company’s growth from simply a company that processes and distributes meat throughout the Mid West into a global force in the food processing industry. Over the past 40 years, Sheldon Lavin has unleashed a global expansion plan that has resulted in the OSI Group providing meat, vegetable and dough products to customers in 85 countries. In recognition of his vision and persistence, Sheldon Lavin was given the 2016 Global Visionary Award.

After earning degrees in finance and accounting in college, Sheldon Lavin went on to have a very successful career in the banking industry. He then founded and ran an accounting firm. It was through that firm that Lavin became aware of and involved with the OSI Group. In the 1970s, the company, then called Otto & Sons, needed money to get equipment and larger facilities. So they turned to Lavin and his accounting firm. Seeing the potential the company possessed, Sheldon Lavin not only got Otto & Sons the finances they wanted, he began regularly purchasing the company’s stock.

When the company’s original owners retired in the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin owned enough shares of Otto & Sons stock to take over the company. He changed its name to the OSI Group and formulated a detailed plan for expanding the company into a global operation. Lavin instituted a series of thoughtful, forward-looking worker, food production and environmental stewardship policies and procedures to guide the company’s activities. He wanted to ensure the OSI Group not only offered the highest quality products, but maintained an excellent worker, food and environmental safety record as well.

A husband, father and grandfather, family is very important to Sheldon Lavin. And he has managed to maintain a family atmosphere among the staff at the OSI Group even as the company grew to have more than 20,000 workers. Lavin created an excellent benefits package for the staff that ensured they and their loved ones are treated well. He also maintains an open-door policy and solicits ideas from rank and file staff, regularly dines with employees on every level of the company and encourages everyone to call him by his first name. This type of leadership has helped the entire staff to feel they have a real stake in the success of the OSI Group.

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Whitney Wolfe, Taking The Dating Scene By Storm

Whitney Wolfe is recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30 businesswomen. This is in regard to her dating app that has over 3 million users in less than 3 years since its foundation. Her dating app bumble is a feminist dating site that allows the women to make the first move. Unlike other dating apps, in Bumble, when two people are found to be a match, only the woman can initiate conversation. If the man does not respond in 24 hours, then the match disappears.

Whitney’s inspiration in creating Bumble was to create a friendly dating environment for women. Since in this app the woman making the first move is the only way to get the conversation started, it does away with stereotyping common in the dating scene. In other sites, women get judged and tagged as desperate or headstrong just because they made the first move.

Apart from giving women the upper hand, Bumble has features that helps its users to find female friends as well as jobs. It’s Bumble BFF and Bumble biz features, it allows its users to find friendship and develop their careers. It’s Bumbles way of empowering women and providing them with a safe place to be themselves without fear of criticism from the opposite sex. Because of this, Bumble has become a leader in the dating scene in less than three years.

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Before founding Bumble, Whitney was the co-founder of Tinder, a dating app under the Match Group. When she left the company and started her own, her idea of a feminist app proved to be a favorites in the market. this resulted in Whitney Wolfe being approached by executives from Match to sell Bumble. It is said that Match was willing to pay up to 1 billion dollars for Bumble. However, Whitney declined the offer.

After failing to convince Whitney Wolfe to sell her company to them, Match resorted to another method; a law suit against Bumble. Match filled a law suit claiming that Bumble had breached patent. They argue that the swipe left to connect feature is a feature borrowed from their app. They also claim that since Bumble’s Top executives are from Tinder, they had access to Tinder’s upcoming projects. Considering the fact that this law suit comes after a negative response from Whitney in regards to selling out to match, this could be a way of match bullying Bumble into submission.