OG Juan- The Bro Talk

Juan “OG” Perez was born and raised in Harlem, NY. He was first introduced to rapper Jay-Z in 1996 through a mutual friend. They had similar interests and bonded instantly. Now, he is a close friend and fellow business partner with Jay-Z. Not only is OG Juan the president of Roc Nation Sports, but also he co-owns The 40/40 Club in Manhattan with Jay-Z.

The 40/40 Club is a combination of a sports lounge with upscale features, known for their live music and celebrity guests. Roc Nation Sports supports athletes and focuses on elevating their careers on a more global scale. They have sponsored well-known athletes like Victor Cruz, Skylar Diggins, Geno Smith and Kevin Durant.

For OG Juan’s 50th birthday, the duo really hit the town heavy reportedly shelling out over $113,000 during his birthday celebration. OG’s wife along with a small group of friends, started the extravagant night in Midtown where they dined at Zuma, which is a modern Japanese restaurant serving lobster, steak, sushi to the party guests. The bill apparently racked up $13,000. After dinner, they went for drinks at a restaurant-nightclub hotspot where they splurged on drinks racking up another $9,000 in alcohol.

The birthday celebration ended at Playroom Nightclub in Manhattan where they closed down the night, partying until the early morning. The small group ordered 40 bottles of champagne totaling $74,000. After taxes and gratuity, the total bill from the nightclub was a whopping $91,000. A server from Playroom Nightclub posted a SnapChat of the hefty bill and from there, it went viral on Twitter.

For over 20 years, Juan “OG” Perez and Jay-Z have become like family. OG Juan is a trusted advisor and a key component in the duo’s business ventures, which is why it all makes sense that Jay-Z would shell out over $100,000 for OG Juan’s 50th birthday celebration!

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