Robert Ivy Becomes The First Architect To Receive The Lifetime Achievement Award

Everyone likes being recognized for a task well done. Problem is, all the gold stars of honor around the corner of the house may dry up when one gets older. Perhaps in such situations, what someone really forgets is that being recognized for a job well done does not become less motivational when as a person grows old. For that reason, organizations have adapted this culture in order to encourage employees to be better. Like illustrated in the case of Robert Ivy, head of American Institute of Architects, hard working individuals should be recognized for their input in their industries.

The Award
Robert Ivy is the first person in the industry of architecture to receive Noel Polk award. According to the event organizers, his election was based on the fact that he has contributed to the growth of the development of the industry. Being an architect, Ivy has influenced the growth of the artistic side of this profession by promoting it. The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is conferred to people who have majorly contributed to the field of architecture. Regarding his award, Robert Ivy stated that he was elated because his input has been recognized. He joins a short list of other recipients including Morgan Freeman the actor.

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His Career and Contributions
Robert Ivy commenced his career at Sewanee’s University of the South. He majored in arts and English after which he joined Tulane University and majored in a master’s degree in architecture. Ivy proceeded to McGraw-Hill Construction and worked as the vice president. In his tenure, he oversaw the success of different projects. He would later work as the editor in chief of the Architectural Record. In this department, he was in charge of printing the publications. His objective at the firm included being the speaker in charge of political issues. He also addressed environmental issues. It was during his tenure that the firm won plenty of awards including an award known as Jesse H. Neal and the American Society of Editors award. Today, he heads AIA as CEO and has been successful in bringing the architectural industry closer to the people.