Educating with New Tools Like Class Dojo

Teachers have a tough enough time in the schools without taking time away to communicate things through mail or phone calls. They needed something that was more real time and that is where Class Dojo comes in.

Teachers can communicate anything they need to with parents through the app or through the web community. They only need to send a message to the parent of the child they are working with and the parent will be able to see it the same day. The best part is they can respond as well. This can help not jsut the teacher to know what is happening and come up with a plan but the parents as well.

Parents can feel like they are more involved with the class and they can work with a teacher without going in or without calling them if they don’t want to. They can use the app to communicate ideas and concerns of their own and can set up a community of sorts to help the teacher feel more supported in the education of the student.

Students also can send messages to the teachers if they have concerns. This can help them feel like they are in control of their education and they are taking steps to better their own lives. This goes a long way in getting them to work harder or to adjust any homework they don’t understand. It’s all about feeling supported and helped rather than like they are not good enough. Class Dojo can help with that.

There are a lot of options when you are working on communicating better. Class Dojo is just one of those options for your needs. Teachers who are working with students and want to help them can get a lot from Class Dojo. What are you waaaiting for?Pick it up and get going today.