Beneful Dog Food Available at Walmart for Low Prices!

Beneful dog food is carried in every Walmart retail location that sells pet supplies as well as on Walmart’s website. Walmart carries a variety of Beneful dog food including wet food, dry food, and treats. Almost any variety or flavor of Beneful can be purchased at Walmart. Prices vary by flavor, type, and package size. Beneful wet food can be purchased at Walmart in single containers or multipacks starts as low as sixteen cents per ounce. Beneful dry food is available in bags from 4.5 lb to 40 lbs for as little as eighty-five cents a pound. Walmart does not carry Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon. Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients, including chicken, beef, and salmon is carried at Walmart. A 15.5-pound bag can be purchased for $13.98. Coupons for Beneful products can be found periodically in Sunday newspaper inserts or printed from Beneful’s website.


Give Your Dog a Delicious Dinner with Beneful Dog Food at WalMart

Does Walmart have Beneful dog food?

Walmart carries several flavors of Beneful dog food, in both wet and dry varieties. All of them come with real ingredients such as chicken, salmon, and other delicious scents. Beneful wet dog food at Walmart often comes in multi-packs of 12 or more cans, which sell for upwards of $19.94 for twelve, or in single packages which range between $1.50 and $2.00.

Dry bags of Beneful dog food at Walmart vary in price depending on the size of the bag. The bags tend to be around 90 cents per pound, so for example, a 31 pound bag of Beneful Originals with Real Beef is $26.98 whereas a 15.5 pound bag of Beneful Incredibites with Chicken costs around $13.98. The smaller 3.5 pound bags are priced slightly higher per pound, around $5.48.

To help their Beneful dog food shoppers save money, WalMart offers coupons for Beneful dog food on their website. Some of the coupons are savings on a single large bag of dry dog food, while others are to get one can of wet dog food for free after a certain number have been purchased. From time to time, WalMart will put a specific Beneful dog food flavor on rollback or special buy so customers can save even more money.

One of the flavors that WalMart carries is Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken. They do not sell the Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon option, the real salmon is actually with the Beneful Originals line of products. If you are looking for a wet food option with real salmon, WalMart has the Beneful Chopped Blends with Salmon and Potato, which is suitable for all life stages. Both of the salmon varieties are very healthy and have a lot of protein and 100 percent nutrition for adult dogs.