Mangoes Helping to Feed the Poor in Venezuela

Venezuela is currently suffering through a food crisis with the middle class and poor struggling to find food to eat. The country has the highest inflation rate in the world, and unfortunately it is pricing people right out of food. The poor are finding themselves forced to consume heavier foods filled with starch and no protein, but now they may have a new place to turn.

In a country of 30 million, people are starting to turn to mangoes to help supplement their diets. The country is filled with lush mango trees, and its people are starting to turn to the trees when they are forced to skip meals. From children to workers, you can find many people tossing stones in an attempt to get some fruit.

While a mango can help fill the stomach, they are not a substitute for proper foods, but agriculturist Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says finding groceries is a problem that is not being addressed in Venezuela and people feel they have no other choice. Even those who have the money cannot always find food as lines are long at many supermarkets that also have a limited amount of products.

However Velasquez Figueroa also said fruit stands are always open for business where people can find mangoes, coconuts, and more.